Defending Their Son: The Speakers Speak


And though his new wife, Sarah Cooksey, said she hadn't kissed her husband since their wedding, her parents do not believe it. In fact, kissing is not considered a significant mode of transmission, but coughing is.  

Betsy Cooksey said even if her daughter had contracted the illness, she believed the treatment in Denver would work well with her, as it had with Andrew Speaker.

"I'm not worried," she said. "And I'm not worried about my grandchild either."

The Cookseys said some of the feedback they'd heard about Andrew Speaker had been negative. And as the details of the story continue unfolding, Andrew's sister Kim Speaker said it becomes scarier.

"The only thing I can say is I'm so disappointed because as we've learned more and more about Andrew's diagnosis, the danger to Andrew has increased," Kim Speaker said. "Not to me, not to anyone else, not to anyone sitting here, anyone around him, but the danger to Andrew has, has increased. And that's a very scary thing."

Cheryl Speaker still offers hopes and prayer for her son.

"Help him to get well," she said. "This, he's an experiment to them. And so, that's tough."

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