Weekend Window: Block Island

Weekend Window/ABC News

Block Island is located 12 miles off Rhode Island's coast.

"It's what we like to say is your escape from the mainland," said Susan Shea, executive director of Block Island Tourism Council.

Conservation on Block Island has been a longstanding tradition. Currently, 43 percent of the land is in some sort of conservation, said Scott Comings, the director of Nature Conservancy of Block Island.

"It's a very spectacular place of bluffs and coastal scrubland and grassland and beautiful beaches and beautiful ocean," he said. "It's just a spectacular place to live and visit."

Block Island is also known for its lighthouses. Both the southeast light and the north light are absolutely stunning, said Christopher Willi, Block Island harbormaster.

"Block Island is a popular destination just because of the charm that it has," he said. "It's a very low key relaxing atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you're the Prince of Wales or a blue collar worker from the city. You come here and you get treated the same."

Block Island has numerous bed-and-breakfasts and hotels. Most of them are original and date back as far as the 1800s.

""They've all been restored," Shea said. "The hotels on the island are known for their wrap-around porches that face the ocean."

Willi added that Block Island is not only a popular recreational boating destination, but is also good for outdoor recreation like kayaking, biking and hiking.

"In addition to the grasslands and the beaches and the bluffs, we have a lot of beautiful ponds sprinkled throughout the island," Comings said. "Sunsets are just spectacular."