Oprah Takes on New York City

Winfrey said the decision was personal. "I really did it for myself," she said. "I have never felt more compelled to become engaged in the political process in a way that I thought I could make a difference. I do believe that everybody makes a difference, certainly by your vote, and we're in a world where we know that elections are won by thousands of votes, a few hundred votes."

Winfrey said she believes everyone has the chance to take a stand in any way they can, and showing her support for Obama was her way of doing so. "I have a larger platform, a bigger voice," she said. "But everybody has a voice. "You can make a difference."

South African Academy

One of Winfrey's proudest accomplishments is the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, the school she founded in South Africa in January. But becoming the benefactor of the all-girls school came with a few surprises.

"Everything costs twice as much as I ever expected," she said. "I have 27 kids who need braces. And I forgot winter coats. So, all of a sudden it's the wintertime and nobody has coats."

This summer Winfrey taught a leadership class at the academy. And in March Winfrey opened a second, environmentally friendly school in South Africa. "So far we're building four other schools based upon that school," she said. "The South African government is using it as a model."

In a week, Winfrey will travel to South Africa to choose the second class she will teach and is currently in the middle of interviewing students.

But not everyone always has given her school positive remarks.

"When I first built the school, people had the nerve to criticize the fact that, you're only saving 450 girls at a time," she said. "But it's the way it multiplies out into the universe because it's those girls and their families and their families."

Winfrey hopes to build a center for South African teachers, and then throughout the world.

She has helped scores of people during her decades in the spotlight, and she has no plans of slowing down.

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