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Then we come to Madrasas. Now Madrasas what is our success? We wanted them to register so that we know. About eight-- 75, 80 percent have registered. Success. We wanted them to throw out all foreigners who were-- who were there in thousands from all over the Muslim world. There are only a few hundred now and they all have NOCs, No Objection Certification, from their embassies. About 95 percent success. There may be some hiding. There may be. But a dozen or two dozen or a hundred from thousands.

The other was teach them subjects across the board. And mainstream. And take board examination--success. Most of them are teaching board subjects. But they do not want to take the board exams. They said, "We will take our own. There are five [unintelligible]. That we will have our own examination." That is where we are stuck. We were resolved-- we were almost resolving it. Finding a [unintelligible] media. But then we came up with this Women's Protection Bill and all that. And we-- that retarded the process. So we'll go along. So that is a partial [unintelligible] of success.

So please-- the West, again, please understand what we are doing and what we have achieved. And see that what we have not achieved in the light of what we have achieved. I would say we have at least 50 or 60 percent or 70 percent of the glass full. The empty part is 30 percent. We need to fill that up. But don't please keep criticizing us, blaming us and demoralizing us by all the time thinking that we are not doing-- doing anything.

This is the reality. That goes counter to our anti-terrorism and anti-extremism strategy. You should see our intentions. You see-- you should see what we have achieved. But unfortunately in the Western media, what I see-- all the time see what we have not achieved. And blaming us and criticizing us. A person like me gets-- I mean one gets agitated. What-- what is happening? Is the media in favor of the people fighting terrorism? Or is it achieving demoralization of the forces which is-- who are fighting terrorism?

By continuously blaming what they have not done. And not seeing that we have suffered a thousand casualties. A thousand of my soldiers have died. And yet we are being blamed that we are not doing enough. What more do you want Pakistan to do? And this is-- let the Western media-- and I am--against the Western media, not be supportive of-- let extremism and terrorism. I think the way it behaves supports terrorism and extremism. It encourages that.

Cuomo: How?

Musharraf: It-- it brings them into the media. You make news of them. And you make villains of the people who are fighting because you keep criticizing them and demoralizing them.

Cuomo: That's how you see it?

Musharraf: Yes, yes. That's what I-- that is how I see it. That's all the time Pakistan army, Pakistan intelligence is criticized in the West. I know that. There are articles in the papers. It is very demoralizing for the intelligence. For the military who have suffered so much casualties. And the-- the environment is not of Pakistan's making. It is of the making of what we have suffered since 30 years. And yet nobody realizes that. And we have suffered thousand casualties. We are fighting. We are in the-- in the front facing IEDs, suicide bombers. And yet we are being criticized. So what kind of a battle are we fighting against terrorism?

Cuomo: I appreciate you taking the time to do the interview.


Cuomo: I am thankful that you let this Western member of the media into Pakistan to talk to you. I appreciate the opportunity, especially during such a challenging time, Mr. President. I wish--

Musharraf: Thank you.

Cuomo: --you the best. I really do.

Musharraf: Thank you very much.

Cuomo: Thank you.

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