Full Transcript of Musharraf Interview

Cuomo: I've had the good fortune of being here several times and I've enjoyed it every time. And it's been a great education. Do you think this is a little bit about both sides learning, though? You have to learn here as well about how to deal with your opponents? About how to deal with people who say things that you don't like? Is that part of the learning curve as well?

Musharraf: I haven't I have been most compassionate. I don't think any leader in Pakistan ever tolerated what I tolerate. So nobody has to teach me that. I've already -- I know that. Even today if you take the newspapers and read the newspapers, we would have written things against me. I tolerate everything. I have no problem with criticism on me. Or even the government. But if that criticism is biased and distorted, distorted by design, distorted by political design, now that is where I got -- get agitated.

Distortion of facts. See, political involvement. Now this is annoying. And then if this distortion is leading to despondency, despair of the nation. This is annoying. This is a violation of a code of conduct.

And we have taken the code of conduct -- I saw code of conduct in West -- many Western countries. And I realize that, "My god. We are -- these people are far more independent than your press. Your media." There is -- there is always a check in your media. I know that.

Cuomo: But you don't get locked up when you put out a story or say something...the government doesn't like.

Musharraf: The issue is different, right? In your country, you don't -- maybe you don't hang people. Here we hang people. Okay? Now don't teach us what you have. We will not impose what you have in your country in Pakistan. We have our own rules and regulations. We have our own constitution. We have our own people. ... They behave in a certain way. And therefore the responses are in a certain way that we think is suitable for Pakistan.

Cuomo: Well, on the front of terror...we'll talk about politics more, but on the front of terror you said in your speech,"The back has been broken of terrorism." In the West there is a perception that $10 billion in aide has been given here to help educate and squash terror. And that the situation in many ways seems worse. What do you say?

Musharraf: First of all- - well, back -- what I could -- should have said back of the service in [unintelligible] have been... [unintelligible] That's all. I should have clarified that. And that is my error. I think then we -- we are -- but we are fighting terrorism everywhere.

But when you say about $10 billion, sir, this is -- most of the money for services provided to troops. OK? So please don't -- don't -- be mistaken that we've got $10 billion just like that. We have provided services and it is meant for that. The -- most of the money for that. So, that's not the case.

Cuomo: So the money aside, when you look at the current situation, the concerns that the Taliban is moving aggressively into areas again, that the northwest frontier of problems is -- you have trouble there, why do you think this is happening? Why do you think the trouble, extremism, is on the rise instead of on the wane?

Musharraf: In Afghanistan or in Pakistan?

Cuomo: In-- in Pakistan first. ...

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