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We just learned that our 6-year old son is highly allergic to all forms of the following: nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, and beef. We are having a hard time coming up with lunch options he can take to school that he can eat and that also taste good and look appetizing. For those who are allergic to dairy only, the straightforward subsitute is soy milk, cheese, etc. However, the options become very limited when you are trying to feed a child who can eat no forms or derivitives of soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, and beef. Can you please help us with some options for lunches we can send to school that avoid these foods and still taste good?

Sara_Moulton: Wow, What a bummer! I think you should consult a nutritionist for the answer. I do not know enough about it. -Sara

Cbms2244: Sara, I just wanted to let you know that you are the reason that I love to cook! In December 1998, I was home from work sick. You were on GMA. You made a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that looked delicious. I decided to make it for my family that Christmas. I was so excited that every step of the cheesecake making process looked like it was supposed to! It was the first dessert to disappear that holiday. Your recipe was one of my first to try and I have been cooking ever since. Thanks again. You have been a great teacher to me.

CoolJules1965: I agree you are a great teacher, and I love to watch your programs, and the guest chefs that you have had on them. Could you please tell me the chef's name Mama ?, who has been on your show, and has a restraunt in North Carolina. She is a tall African-American lady, and I loved to watch her cook on your show. I would like to visit her restraunt with my family. Is it in Durham, NC? Thanks! Julie SC

Sara_Moulton: Thank you for the kind words. I am not a fan of cheesecake in general but that is one killer dessert!

Sara_Moulton: It has been a pleasure chatting with you all but now I have to get back to midterm studying madness with my kids. Best, Sara

BrynMom: Thanks for stopping by, Sara! Come back again soon!


CoolJules1965: Thank you for your time and wisdom!

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