Why Did They Wait? Sheriff Had Polygamy Informant for 4 Years

Caver said authorities had saved the inspection of the temple for the last step in the weeklong search of the ranch grounds.

"We knew that the temple would be the most senstive issue on the property," Caver said. If there was resistance, "it would be then."

A bizarre scene unfolded when the pollice moved towards the compound.

"They lined up about 57 people around the walls of the temple... Otherwise they would be in violaton of their beliefs for not defending their temple," Caver said. "Several of them basically sat down or kneeled down and prayed. Some of them were sobbing."

"As the SWAT, the breach team, reached the door one of their members decided to resist and he was arrested," the captain said.

Caver said they also brought in a team of cadaver dogs to sniff out the possibility of unmarked graves, but none were found.

They have found plenty of indications that the group considered young girls to be eligible for their "spiritual marriages" to older men. Court documents noted that among the children there was a 16-year-old girl who had given birth to four children.

She is not thought to be the same 16-year-old who triggered last week's police raid by calling a family violence shelter and pleading for help. The caller told counselors she had an 8-month-old infant and believed she was pregnant with a second child.

Police have said there are several pregnant teenagers among the girls taken from the ranch.

The caller told authorities that her 50-year-old husband would force himself on her sexually, beat her, punch her in the chest and choke her. He once broke several of her ribs, she complained. And while he beat her, one of his six other wives would hold her baby.

That did not come as a shock to Flora Jessop, a former child bride who was returned to the sect when she ran away.

"I spent three years in solitary confinement with them trying to beat Satan out of me because I stood up against God's commandments," Jessop told "Good Morning America."

" I know first-hand that what this little girl is saying is the absolute truth, that she is in imminent danger. They do lock you up. They beat you. They whip you. They brutalize you and they psychologically destroy you. Most of the children would not be able to withstand the psychological torture that they put you through."

Jessop said the caller is not yet safe because she is pregnant with another child.

"They are going to use that child against her, to keep her from talking. They're also going to use threats against her other family members to keep her from talking. That's very common," Jessop said.

The affidavits also said officials were seeking access to a series of locked vaults, safes and desk drawers.

Police and prosecutors in Utah and Arizona have investigated members of the fundamentalist splinter group, which is thought to have as many as 40,000 members nationwide. Sect leader Warren Jeffs was convicted last year of being an accomplice to the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Utah.

El Dorado, Texas, Mayor John Nikolank told ABC News that investigators did not search the compound earlier because they needed evidence that girls were being abused. "This is America. You don't just go in on a perception that they are doing something wrong without any proof," he said.

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