Excerpt: 'it!'

Paula Froelich, reporter for The New York Post's "Page Six," says anyone can make it to the top of the "A" list if they follow "the rules." She gives readers those rules and also lets them in on the secrets of top publicists, fashion designers, moguls, entertainers and others.

You can read an excerpt from "it!" below.

Excerpted From Chapter One: The Rules of Fame (and How They Can Make You a Success)

Admit it. You have at least once in your life fantasized about being that intriguing, charismatic person with that ineffable star quality who walks into a room and all heads turn. The "it" person.

For many, this is a dream that begins and ends in junior high school. For others, it is a daydream that gets honed through high school and college, and then after, into an actual ambition, a goal. But often it doesn't get translated into a plan, mainly because the daydreamer doesn't know how to move from dream to reality. If you are stopped in your tracks at that point of paralysis, knowing you have the goods to make it, to achieve success, fame, stardom -- it's time to take action.

Very few people are simply born with some innate "it" quality that is unattainable to the rest of us. Trust me. If that's what you believe from watching too many "E! True Hollywood Stories" or reading too many issues of People magazine, I am here to tell you that you have been misled. Stars, whether in show business or in any other walk of life, are made, not born.

As a reporter on the nationally renowned New York Post "Page Six" gossip column for the past five years, I have seen fame come and go, the famous rise and fall. I have seen how some people know how to work it and some don't, and as a result, I have learned what works and what doesn't and am about to pass on what I've learned to you.

The truth is that with a modicum of talent and a lot of hard work, virtually anyone (guided by some good advice) can move beyond their drab, no-name universe into that cherished inner circle known as the A list.

These rules are valuable not only for those who seek fame, celebrity, and to have their name in lights, but also for anyone who wants to achieve a dream, launch a business, or get their ideal job. If you don't believe me, look at Donald Trump, who in the early nineties, just after proclaiming himself a billionaire for the first time, turned to his then-wife Marla Maples as they passed a bum on the street and said, "That guy has more money than I do." But Donald knows that what he is selling is a dream, a brand -- himself! There are thousands upon thousands of examples, on a grander or lesser scale, of individuals who have learned how to harness the techniques of the best PR people (who are, after all, largely responsible for making the famous famous), learned how to use the media, learned how to transform themselves into stars.

So ask yourself: Are you bored with your humdrum life? Have you begun to achieve success in your field, but are at a loss as to how to rise to the very top of it? Are you itching to be fabulous, famous -- to be "it"? No worries. Just read on, honey, and think HOT.

Rule #1: Find whatever it is you are good at, and do it!

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