9 Favorites From the Fancy Food Show

PHOTO Different summer food items are shown on GMA on July 2, 2009.

The Fancy Food Show showcases specialty edibles from around the world. Currently in its 55th year, the show has brought thousands of good eats and beverages to New York City. Everything from cheese to tea and organic products has found its way to this year's display.

"Good Morning America" food editor Sara Moulton dropped by and scoured the aisles for the best in new and tasty products. Check out the links below to learn more about the food spotlighted on today's show and click here to learn more about the Fancy Food Show.

VIDEO: Sarah Moulton talks about the best items at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

One flavor that's popping up everywhere -- in juices, in gelatos, in salad dressings -- is blood orange. The blood orange is native to Italy and Spain. And when you peel it, the orange is actually purple in color. It's adding a tart kick to many different foods.

Panko, which is a type of bread crumb used in Japanese cooking, is another trend. A delicious combination at the food fair paired panko with chocolate in what was kind of like a chocolate-covered pretzel or chocolate croissant. It was from Chuao Chocolatier, retails for around $6, and can be found at Whole Foods or Cost Plus World Market.

Another trend is that many of the companies are finding great ways to give back. With many, you're not just buying gum, a granola bar or a bottle of water, you're also giving to charity -- so you can feel good about that purchase.

Fancy Foods on the Market


It's bacon mayonnaise, and it has fewer calories than bacon and mayo. The regular has 10 fewer calories per serving than the leading regular mayo brands. Also, if you put it on your sandwich instead of three medium slices of bacon, you save 30 calories.

It's about $5 per bottle and available at grocery stores nationwide.

Tyrell's Seasonal Chips

Tyrell's Chips is a British company that does seasonal flavors. For summer, they've got "summer barbeque" and "garden herb."

The company also is planning to do two fall flavors next season: "ale and mature cheddar" and "ham and roast cranberry."

Also, the snack maker has chips made from other veggies, such as parsnips and root vegetables. You can get them at Whole Foods and selected Pier One stores.


For a healthy snack, we grabbed some Popchips. A snack-sized bag is about 100 calories, and they're popped, rather than baked or fried. You may have seen them in grocery stores already, but the company has two new flavors -- "sour cream and onion" and "cheddar."

Click here to learn more.

Seedless Lemon, Black and White Apricots

A seedless lemon might make food and drink preparation easier for chefs and bartenders. It's from Melissa's Produce, but you should be able to find them in supermarkets everywhere soon.

Melissa's also is distributing black velvet apricots and angelcots, or white apricots. Those will be available everywhere next June or July.

Tiny Turkeys

Mini roast turkeys from D'Artagnan are one to 2.5 pounds and $8.99 per pound. They are available online at www.dartagnan.com.

Butternut Squash Sauce
Butternut squash sauce for pasta also drew some attention. It's from Dave's Gourmet, it's gluten free and it can be found at gourmet or gift shops and selected supermarkets. It retails for about $7.99 per jar and is 100 calories per 1/2 cup.

More Fancy Foods

Gagne Foods' Sugar Pecan Sticky Bun

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