Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

Wear off-the-shoulder tops. They play up your shoulders and neckline, while covering up and distracting from your fuller arms.

Short waist

Wear the same color on the top and bottom. Monochromatic dressing gives the illusion of a longer torso by creating a clean, uninterrupted line along the length of your body.

Wear narrow belts that are the same color as your top.Matching belts to tops will visually lengthen your torso.

Choose low-waisted pants. The lower the waistline, the longer the torso appears.

Wear tops with vertical stripes. Vertical lines elongate the torso by forcing the eye to look up and down.

Shop for tops in the petite department. The proportions of petite tops are shorter, so you get a length that fits you properly.

Long waist

Wear high-waisted pants. A higher rise elevates your waistline, shortening the length of your upper body.

Wear pants without cuffs. Cuffs shorten the length of your leg, making your waist look even longer.

Wear wide belts that are the same color as your pants. Matching belts to pants will add visual length to your legs by creating a continuous line of solid color.

Choose skirts and dresses that end just below the knee. This length will make your legs look longer, balancing the length of your torso.

Have fun with layered tops. Adding visual interest with tops of varying lengths detracts from your long waist.

Wear high-heeled shoes that are the same color as your pants.The expanse of a single color will lengthen your legs.

Poochy belly

Wear a girdle. It will hold the tummy in, smooth any rolls, and whittle a few inches off your waistline.

Wear dresses and tops with empire waistlines.The seam on an empire waist lifts the bust, which elongates the tummy. This style also provides superb coverage.

Wear flat-front pants with a bit of stretch. They create a clean, smooth line and offer the slimming effects and comfort of stretch.

Shop for tops with ruching. Gathers and pleating in the fabric along the seams hide problem areas in the tummy and waistline.

Wear your tops long and untucked. This eliminates the gathering around the belly that occurs when a shirt is tucked in. The top should be long enough to cover the pooch, and drape loosely to avoid any clinging.

Large bottom

Wear pants with a V-shaped yoke on the back. The yoke sits just below the waistband on the back of a pair of jeans. It works to minimize your bottom, just like a V-neck does to minimize your top.

Select pants that sit slightly lower on the hips. The higher the waist, the bigger the butt looks.

Always wear pants with back pockets. Pockets provide a visual distraction from a larger bottom. Keep their size in proportion to your the width of your bottom.

Wear jackets with a defined waistline that are long enough to cover the hips. You can create the look of an hourglass figure and cover up your problem spot.

No bottom

Fashion your own butt by wearing high-waisted pants. They lift and separate the rear just like your best bra enhances your breasts.

Wear pants that are fitted in the seat. They give the illusion of a butt by hugging even the smallest curves.

Try pants with smaller back pockets. They will make your rear seem larger by comparison.

Big hips/thighs

Wear boot-cut pants. The flare will put your lower body into proportion with your hips, making your thighs look slimmer in the process.

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