Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

You have the option of going for a sexy look, like a low-rise pant with a flared bottom that will minimize your hip area and balance your hourglass curves. Play it up with a low V-neck or scoop top that reveals a hint of cleavage. Or you can take the more classic route with a higher-waisted pant or skirt that shows off your small waistline. Add a tank or spaghetti-strapped top that shows a little skin, or choose a long-sleeved fitted knit or body-defining T that's tucked in. You're one of the few body types who can pull this off, because of your minimal waist. The idea is to define your hourglass figure without getting carried away. Your curves should whisper, not shout.

Avoid cropped tops at all costs. They may show off your small waist, but they'll draw too much attention to your bust and make you look top-heavy. Also stay away from the opposite extreme: long, boxy tops. They disguise your curves and aren't even remotely flattering. The same goes for loose-fitting dresses that hide your narrow waist and make your body look shapeless. And to keep from looking like a double-wide, make sure your tops don't stop at the point where your hips are the fullest.


Best Features: Curvy Body and Small Waist

Your natural curves give you built-in sex appeal. Your bust, waist, and legs are your best arsenal, so use them well. Fitted clothing that hugs your curves will always be your best choice. You can be fitted and tasteful at the same time by wearing tops and dresses with a bias cut. They wrap and hug your best features, and fall a bit looser everywhere else. Stretchy fabrics are good, too, since they find your curves and show them off.

Wear shoes that are hot and sexy to showcase your legs. Add a fun belt or sash to play up and accentuate your small waist. Less is really more when it comes to prints and patterns, so it's best to wear solid colors on the top and bottom. Sometimes, just seeing the silhouette of your body is sexy enough. Bring in the prints with smaller, detailed accessories.

Wrap it up -- i'll take it!

A wrap dress is one of the most flattering styles an hourglass can wear. It's made to follow the lines of your body, showing a hint of cleavage, highlighting your waist, and baring your sexy legs.

The Apple

You have a rounded figure, with a fuller bust and midsection, heavier arms, and shapely lower legs. You wonder why you never see your body type addressed in the fashion magazines. After all, the average American woman wears a size 14 or 16 -- depending on which survey you read -- yet women in the media are usually no bigger than an 8. Now you can be as dazzling as the slinky girls, because plus-size fashion has evolved beyond the big-and-baggy look.

The key idea for the apple is to create lines where none exist. Since your body is round, drawing lines and angles on it with the right clothing will help to counteract it, creating the shape and curve you strive for.

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