Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

Surprisingly, longer pant lengths will create height by visually elongating your leg, and are better still when paired with a medium heel. Keep pants simple and darker in color, with a flat front and a side or back zipper, because they provide an uncluttered line for your lower half. Choose a medium-low to a higher waist, since super-low-waisted pants will make your legs look shorter than they are.

When shopping for both tops and bottoms, look for seaming that adds vertical lines, which will make you appear taller. You're better off with patterns that are small and delicate -- just like you -- so avoid prints that overwhelm your short frame.

If you have longer hair, try wearing it in a cute, messy updo or a high ponytail that can work for day or night. Both will add some height to your frame. If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, that, too, can make you look taller because the length won't compete with your petite body.

Keep jewelry and purses simple and in proportion to the rest of your body. Choose small, delicate bracelets and necklaces. If you like long earrings, make s u re the length is no more than one inch. Look for a scaled-down handbag, such as a clutch or pochette. The point is to complement your body, not make it disappear under piles of accessories.


Best Feature: Your Petite Frame

For the half-pint, proportions are extra important. If an item of clothing is just a few inches too long or too short, it can make or break the big picture. You may want to put your tailor on retainer, because the subtle details -- a nip here or a taper there -- can help to finesse your overall style.

Keep things slim on your bottom half. A straight or boot-leg pant with a longer hemline will do wonders. When it comes to dresses and skirts, shorter styles work best as long as you've got the legs. If not, stick to styles that stop around the ankle, but no longer. Pair everything with some kind of heel to give you additional height.

On top, fitted works better. Solid colors rule most of the time, so when opting for a pattern or a print, keep it very simple. A vertical stripe works well, because it will help lengthen your torso. Just keep in mind that you don't have the size to carry off anything too big or bold. Add your own spin and interest to an outfit by finishing it with some funky accessories.

Stay out of the children's department

Unless you're shopping for something simple like a T or tank, don't be tempted by the scaled-down sizes in the children's department. Most kids' clothes look like kids' clothes, and you're not fooling anyone but yourself.

Foolproof Solutions to Common Concerns

There are many proportional issues that have been causing women angst since the fig leaf went out of style. But there are just as many solutions to correct them. When you follow the dos and don'ts for the body you're in, you'll start looking and feeling the way you've always wanted to.

Following are the most common concerns expressed by women about their bodies -- and the best ways to correct them. This is the before-and-after magic of the right choices in clothing.

Short neck

Wear V-neck and deep scoop-neck tops. By showing more skin around your neck, you create the illusion of greater length.

Try medium to long earrings. The longer line of this accessory can visually lengthen your neck.

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