Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

If you have the face for it, cut your hair a bit shorter. A cropped style will open up your neck and show it off.

Avoid turtlenecks -- mock or otherwise. They make your head look like it's sitting right on your shoulders.

Long neck

Keep your hair on the longer side. It will balance the length of your neck.

Wear turtlenecks galore. Covering up your neck with fabric will help avoid the swan look.

Try shirts with higher collars, or turn up a traditional collar. The height of the collar will cut the long line of your neck in half.

Broad shoulders

Wear V-neck tops. The V draws attention down your body and away from your broad shoulders.

Wear spaghetti straps and tank tops. Straps cut the shoulder line in half. The broader the shoulder, the thicker the strap.

If you're relatively slender, try a tube top. It echoes the horizontal line of your shoulders to keep you in visual proportion.

Wear tops with raglan sleeves, which have a diagonal shoulder seam. Their slanted lines counteract your shoulders' strong horizontal lines.

Wear dark-colored tops. A dark color can minimize just about anything.

Wear unstructured jackets and tops. They soften your hard shoulder line with their relaxed look.

Avoid jackets with lapels that point up to your shoulders. This is the equivalent of drawing an arrow to your shoulders that says, "I'm a football player."

Narrow shoulders

Wear off-the-shoulder and boatneck tops. The horizontal line adds width and focuses attention on your neck and shoulders.

Wear shoulder pads. You can buy a pair to your upper frame. Look for small ones that add subtle width that attach to your bra straps with Velcro.

Wear sleeveless, boxy tops. They create a broad, square shoulder line where you don't have one naturally.

Wear horizontal stripes. They visually broaden your shoulders.

Have fun with epaulettes, ornamental shoulder tabs that you see on military uniforms or safari shirts. They bring attention to the shoulder line, making it appear wider.

Look for jackets with wide lapels. They add volume to your frame, filling out your upper torso.

Flat chest

Wear tops with patterns, ruffles, cowl necks, or pockets over both breasts. Embellishments play up your bustline by bringing attention to it.

Wear tops with horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes make anything look larger, including breasts.

Wear boatnecks and off-the-shoulder tops. The wide necklines open the width across the collarbone.

Work wonders with a halter. It gives you a lift and pulls the breasts together for a sexy finish.

Always wear a padded cup or push-up bra. It can amplify your smaller bust and add the cleavage you're longing for.

Wear fitted tops. They will hug any existing curves and show them off.

Full chest

Wear V-neck and scoop-neck tops. These draw vertical or slanted lines down the center of your body, minimizing your bust.

Wear wrap tops. These create a cross-your-heart visual, distracting the eye from the heavy bust and making your waist look smaller in the process.

Wear small collars and skinny lapels. They draw attention away from your breasts.

Full arms

Wear tops with loose-fitting sleeves. A loose-fitting long sleeve does the job well, and a three-quarter sleeve has the added advantage of baring the smallest part of your arm.

Add a wrap if you must go sleeveless. Cardigans, blazers, ponchos, and wraps are all stylish ways to cover your arms.

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