Extreme Survival Story

How did an 11-year-old survive in the wilderness of Utah with no food and perhaps no water for four days?

During a news conference, Cub Scout Brennan Hawkins showed how he pulled his sweatshirt over his knees to combat temperatures that fell to about 50 degrees overnight. When he was found, he immediately ate fruit and every granola bar rescuers carried.

People in desperate situations often don't have food and water, but experts say most people can survive three days without water and about three weeks without food.

The most important thing is to stay warm, stay hydrated and stay calm.

Here are some other people who survived extreme situations:

Tillie Tooter: The 83-year-old grandmother survived three days trapped in her car after a 40-foot fall off a bridge into a Florida swamp. She had only three pieces of candy and water-soaked socks.

Robert Ward: The West Virginia man survived for six days in subfreezing temperatures trapped in his car. All he had with him was peanut butter and old Taco Bell sauce packets.

Angel: This 3-year-old from Phoenix lasted for three days on crackers after surviving a highway wreck that killed her mother.

Ruby Bustamante: The 5-year-old from Indio, Calif., made it through 10 days alone in a ravine after a crash that killed her mother. All she had was Gatorade and dried noodles.

Aaron Ralston: The outdoorsman spent six days trapped by a boulder in Canyonlands National Park with a bottle of water and two burritos, then cut his forearm off so he could make it out alive.