Transcript: George Stephanopoulos Interviews Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

STEPHANOPOULOS: He said very kind things about you as well. And I spoke with him in Prague. And one of the most important things he said about you is that it was when I asked him who's really in charge in Russia, the question you get all the time. You or Prime Minister Putin. And he emphasized-- President Obama emphasized that in every-- every time he's dealt with you, followed through on your commitments and you've kept your word. On that subject, I'm wondering, how tired are you of getting asked the question who's in charge in Russia, you or Prime Minister Putin?

MEDVEDEV: Yes, I'm a little tired. It's annoying a little. Would you like me to answer it one more time? Or are you clear on that?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, I-- I know what President Obama said, and I've watched both you and-- and Prime Minister Putin closely, and it seems like you work fairly closely together, but sometimes you speak-- in different ways about a similar issue. And what I really just want to get an answer to is how does it work between the two of you? How does the relationship work?

MEDVEDEV: We have a good work relationship and good personal relations. And how does the relationship work between Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden? They also sometimes speak different things. They even have different backgrounds, different biographies, and probably a different set of opinions about the world and its situation. But it does work. And it works with us as well. If you'd like to talk about who is making the decisions in our country, it's a question posed to me many times.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I think you just answered it.

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