Transcript: Costner Inspired by Exxon Valdez to Create Oil-Cleaning Machine

CHAMPION: Let me ask you this, too. We hear there's a lot of people on the internet who say, "I want to help in some way." And it seems to be what you're saying. And … they're getting turned down, too. What would you say to them to encourage them? Or … would you encourage them?

COSTNER: Well, what I would say to them is I was given 800 numbers, too. (LAUGH) I … I'd call the agencies again and I was given the 800 number. I was … my number was given to some very high-ranking people and they lost my phone number. They found it now, and so we're talking.

… time to posture, okay. It … but it isn't a time for great committees either. You know, there are people who are mad and they say, "G** d*** it. I want to see -- I want to see something happen." That's what they feel like. They feel like, "G** d*** it. I wan to to see something happen." And that's about as mad as I get.

CHAMPION: But do we feel like something's going to happen? Do you … do you feel like something's --

COSTNER: I do feel--

CHAMPION: --gonna happen?

COSTNER: --like it. I feel like, I feel like one of the largest … the fifth largest company in the world looked at me and said, "We want to help. We're going to help you." Now I'm waiting to see that happen. And it's going to come in the form of orders and it's going to come … in the form of … checks.

I've had the largest supplier, the … smartest guy I know down around the … Gulf Coast, Gary Chouest, said, "I can help you. And I'd like to put them on all my boats." And … I looked at Doug Suttles and he said, "I can … help you. I can move the dial on this issue."

CHAMPION: You've given a lot of your time to us, and I want to thank you for letting us set up in your home as well.

COSTNER: We missed the biggest waves already.

CHAMPION: There are some--


COSTNER: There might be a little bit more.



CHAMPION: --if you could write a great movie ending--


CHAMPION: --what is it for this story?

COSTNER: That, look, we, number one, listen, I want to try to put this on a personal note. You know, my kids have seen me do this most of their life. And sometimes you're, you know, you listen. In a lot of the world I'm kind of cool, at least through looks of Hollywood. But to your kids, you never look that cool. (LAUGH) You know, you just don't.

And also, the idea that I put a lot of the resources I had, I put all of them I had towards this thing. And there's a moment where, you know, your … kids kind of maybe to themself goes, "Is our dad crazy? Is he-- is he that guy in Back to the Future, you know, Chris Lloyd? You know … is that who my dad is?" And … when I was, just before I went on Capitol Hill, my daughters both helped me prepare my remarks. You know, they were both with me.

There's no greater thrill than to have your kids, you know, when your … kids are little, you're helping them across the stream because they just can't get there. And yesterday, before I went before Congress, which I have great respect for, I was nervous and I was in trouble. And my girls helped me. They helped me write my testimony and they helped me write my speech. And just before I went on, they told me I wasn't crazy.

CHAMPION: That would be the ending to your story? To find out that you aren't crazy?

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