Transcript: Costner Inspired by Exxon Valdez to Create Oil-Cleaning Machine

COSTNER: And the reason it is working is … because the machine was built with such a robust … nature. It was designed really beautifully, in a very muscular way. And so it … can cut the light grass and it can cut (LAUGH) the thick grass. I mean, let me kind of break it down into my language.

CHAMPION: All right. So let me just do this right, so that we have the numbers right. Half a dozen in testing right now, and BP's ordered-- is it 32? 38?

COSTNER: BP's ordered … 32. They've … how they're going to interface with the industry and how the rest of big oil's going to face the industry is … we're going to know that in the next week, how-- what kind of real response iss coming forth, both in orders and both … and in check, so to speak. I mean, you know, where the rubber meets the road. Because I'm done funding. (LAUGH) I'm … over it, okay?

CHAMPION: Understandable.

COSTNER: I'd like-- you know, I'm … I'm a pretty big fool, not that big a fool. I mean, not that great a fool. We need an economic engine to get behind this, and we have that in the Gary Chouest now. And I think, I think BP … I'm choosing to believe that … BP is going to be an engine behind this change, economically now.

And … all those people that are working in that industry need to, to kind now. There's not-- this is not a, "Well, let's just lay it out." We don't need any more tests, okay? We don't need any more committees. We … have fumbled around enough, you know. If people want to discuss what happened, I don't want to go to that committee. You know the ... room I want to be in.

CHAMPION: All right. Now, and are you satisfied that your voice is getting heard right now? That you've got everybody's attention and that things will change?

COSTNER: Well, I've been very quiet. I haven't talked … which you know-- I know your program has asked for me to comment. I kept my head down because I had to bring the equipment out of … so to speak. It was … working in other industries, but it just wasn't working in the oil industry. You know, in the … clean up … for which it was designed.

So I … had to come back and … I brought in Aerospace, who you know is a non-profit federal organization. They have 4,000 scientists and engineers. They have sided with this machine. They are dedicated to the idea that this is one of the real answers. This is a machine that has an … immediate impact. And they … are in place to … completely make sure this is working.

CHAMPION: You're not the guy I've seen yet, and I've … even tried to lead you there, to blame people. You're not going to do it. So let me ask you this.

COSTNER: Well … here's what it is. I'm not a spokesman for anybody, but … the ecosystem that can't speak for itself. I'm not a spokesman for anybody except the fishermen who who can't speak for themselves. They're wondering where an answer is.

And I'm not a white horse. I'm not on a white horse. I'm not the savior to this thing. But I'm kind of saying, like, I got a life preserver. And that's actually minimizing it too much to call it that. It's ... a highly technical engineered piece of machinery that can … do a job. And when somebody wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with me, perhaps they'll bring their machine, too. But right now, you know … we're ready to go. And … I do need BP to … help me and to … and to do the things that they say they will do.

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