2011 in Review: Celebrity Romance Ups and Downs

U.S. was captivated by the trials of Hollywood superstars and their love lives.
4:21 | 12/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2011 in Review: Celebrity Romance Ups and Downs
What was -- year of ups and down. Isn't celebrity romance this year. Of breakups and make ups but one thing you have to admit about the love lives of celebrities this year they did in fact keep us captivated ABC's Katie Couric has looked back at the romances of the rich and famous in. Twenty. On the game board of three hundred eighties there were any moves in 2011. To have some tracks and even some -- but still almost. -- of arts to -- who got the -- Leonardo DiCaprio hook up with Victoria's Secret model -- rocky Alley then moved on to make life. Like its -- with her Gossip Girl -- and -- and actor Ryan Gosling. Then moved on to Ryan Reynolds through a divorce Scarlett Johansson. With him briefly dated Sean Penn. Ryan Reynolds reportedly -- Sandra Bullock whose acts Jesse changed split with Kat Von D. Got -- if you need an update the -- and after the show. Perhaps no other Hollywood -- this year got more attention. And reality star and -- -- -- and her NBA player husband Chris Humphries. -- here on SNL. Really tired I only eat we -- -- crying. And yeah they went from I do -- Course in just 72 days earning a reported eighteen million dollars for the wedding. That's 250000. Dollars a day. Not bad for a few days work. Others it's got married this year and are actually still -- Seth -- exchange -- with his longtime girlfriend Lauren Miller. Gene -- marry his partner of 28 years. Explain -- Shannon Tweed Tara Reid Reese Witherspoon plus -- they are and Sherri shepherd. All got -- -- matrimony. Meanwhile somewhere hoping the third time's the charm Robin Williams got married to wife number three. As did Neil Diamond. Peter Fonda and Paul McCartney -- new Yorker's Nancy -- -- on former beatle John Lennon's birthday. I'm just really happy home McCartney. Never has to worry about -- -- after my money because she's looted. But not all was happy in Hollywood romance. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were seen all year on American Idol looking like that picture of -- happy couple. But soon after idol wrapped came the joint statement. We've decided to end our marriage. It was a realization on -- -- -- so. The may December marriage of Ashton Kutcher and -- -- more. -- -- -- Ashton Kutcher was caught cheating -- a woman from San Diego and their breakup -- -- published as their romance. Back -- 2011. And one marriage and provided some elegant relief. As two billion people watched worldwide. The carriages. Classic cars the over the top -- -- -- pump and ceremony but with all the extravagance the -- this might -- In the field as well there won't -- little moments that kept cropping up. The -- that Harry kept talking to well as Kate walked down the island you can hear that Harry of the sort of saying to him without him. She comes she looks great. None of us expect to its. The prince to actually drive himself and his wife -- his father's house to -- him and I think we'll save. Significant about that drive was it was a -- inside -- -- housing tenants at -- and lives together. Doing it that way it was an up fifteen new chapter in the tragic story of Princess Diana and and a -- -- -- Very young friends he watched for a lot. Before our -- What a beautiful scene on the balcony.

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{"id":15245560,"title":"2011 in Review: Celebrity Romance Ups and Downs","duration":"4:21","description":"U.S. was captivated by the trials of Hollywood superstars and their love lives.","url":"/GMA/video/2011-review-celebrity-romance-ups-downs-15245560","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}