81-Year-Old $336 Million Powerball Winner Revealed

The winner says she bought the tickets when her son stopped to get sweets.
2:40 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 81-Year-Old $336 Million Powerball Winner Revealed
Now to the mystery winner of a whopping 336 million dollar jackpot finally revealed they Rhode Island woman scored the winning ticket one of the largest prizes ever Louise -- -- it almost a month ago and says she -- her way into her son's sweet tooth ABC's Lindsey Davis what you do with Josh Elliott. -- -- -- And you just that's. You should appear at a hearing of the house it is an army and seeing -- these particular powerball numbers. We're actually announced on February 11 Saturday night. And it was clear right away that there was a winner but come Monday still no one had come forward. Suspense and speculation in Newport ran rampant but the -- waited to reveal herself until yesterday. Almost an entire month later. Penny -- thoughts not a chance 81 year old Louise white is short on words not cash I'm very happy. And I'm very -- notes and this will make my family very happy we -- truly blessed thank you. That was all she had to say after finally coming forward Tuesday to collect her 336. Million dollar powerball jackpot. A cool 210. Lump sum payment the largest cash payout in powerball history. She is as vibrant as sharp. As I vicious. -- in the octogenarian -- ever given me. The larger than life check is written out to the rainbow sure -- trust for good reason. It's what her son was craving last month when he made an unexpected trip to this Newport, Rhode Island grocery store. He made a mad dash for -- his mom bought some things sweeter -- three powerball tickets. Just thrilled I mean you couldn't ask for a -- handling so we are Sally. The family is already well known around town. Her 63 year old son soul singer LeRoy white is considered a new port icon. The actual moment when -- realized she -- had something missing about. She -- -- golden -- into our Bible even sleeping waited until she could get to a safety deposit box. Now she's hired a lawyer and is vowing to keep her plans to herself. And all we know now is that she and her family reportedly going on vacation to an undisclosed location at all because of a dollar and 69 cent -- Goucher -- that turned out to be unbelievably. Sweet and you know -- -- no chance -- should get a ticket over the thirty to do what I want my -- and now. I'll take that students -- a million thank you very but I'll just how she's handling -- so asleep so Demi are minimal smile.

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{"id":15866630,"title":"81-Year-Old $336 Million Powerball Winner Revealed","duration":"2:40","description":"The winner says she bought the tickets when her son stopped to get sweets.","url":"/GMA/video/81-year-336-million-powerball-winner-revealed-15866630","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}