'DWTS' Week 5: Donny Osmond's Picks Top Dances

Former champion of "Dancing With the Stars" explains who he thinks will go home.
4:42 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Week 5: Donny Osmond's Picks Top Dances
-- can find out right here right now from former Dancing With The Stars champ Donny Osmond live from Provo Utah thanks for coming back -- says -- it for Carson. My pleasure -- last night with so much -- what this whole season is so intriguing to watch could you just don't know what's gonna happen first of all. You know the ousting of China. Last week and -- before that who knows what's gonna happen clearly it was Jose and a day's night last night. But let's talk about Carson right there okay Carson clearly these words desert. Dancing With The -- He cannot -- but man -- guy can entertain. And that's what I loved about -- very -- -- deficit and going home tonight. Sorry and I think He just answer my question let's talk like JR -- because that really was terrific and He used -- every single week He brings it. Clearly clearly the front runner. Nobody's close I will say the judges were way too harsh. On Ricki Lake -- you what does it just the way his his his. His body his movements if he's having fun on stage right now he's look all look at him go home He loves every advantage -- -- And that's what's keeping him at the top of the leaderboard and what about I think they were way too hard on -- -- -- yes she didn't do the ride to the -- right what -- but I don't. Yeah see she was fantastic. And I don't think she deserves to be -- 24 point should been somewhere around Wednesday. Slick he's going to be fine she's been doing well all season long -- -- -- that it wasn't her best last night but I agree with the -- she should've gotten higher scores. Now we gotta give -- a little credit. -- a whole lot you know I think. You know -- -- think runs the risk of going home to those that are two people it's not going to be -- The last week it was at that at the in the ballroom sitting next to a Dr. -- -- -- both said after that rocky appearance. He's -- just bottoms up another week last night. He bought himself another week you know why He was -- out there but this is what -- that He was having fun and that's such a key factor. And then and right now we're halfway everybody got a little boost of energy. But you watch -- two weeks weeks seven is a critical week because that's when people start falling apart emotionally and physically. I think has bought himself another week I think the person that is is -- risk of going home. It is not just Carson but Nancy Grace even -- -- -- best dance. The season. I think that's he's -- be in jeopardy because she's in that no man's land on the area in that leaderboard just those who have won Nancy what Doug Karsch she was really emotional after the dancing very quiet. After her fans last night that Clinton did you know better look at that there's grace. There's grace there you know agencies were pitted and -- anything she wants to be in it but I think she's gotta be careful. I've got what about David Arquette -- seems to be getting technically better every week. -- David Arquette. And rob Kardashian I might -- in the same category but I got to take a robbed surpassed David -- I didn't like David's outfit. I didn't like tainted love I thought it was a -- school -- -- front. Yes He was committed -- -- with my partner Kim moved in my opinion can do no wrong. But I I didn't I wasn't convinced last night -- -- but he's going to be safe I think this week. Then you -- about you are a bit earlier early on you picked rob Kardashian to go far you saw potential in him. And Kerry and the same way each week he's gotten a little bit better he's -- -- that -- board -- You're right right from week in week one if you recall I said watch rob Kardashian everybody glad to be after the interview they -- to be is that what are -- talking about I said. Watches and He in my opinion has shown the most progress over the last five weeks. Than anybody else he's got he's got that appeal but sex appeal he's got everybody loves -- he's got a great -- popular. I think rob if He keeps going the way he's going right now and could end up in the semi final. Had -- isn't JR surprise -- suns from listening -- -- that make you think isn't pretty closely bunched pack. Well it's the weeding out process is really gonna start now because. But the fun is over -- we're halfway through now to dance contest is popular has a lot to do with -- and that voting audience is so powerful I mean. Just look what happened to China and Kristen but I think has it been neck and neck is going to be in my opinion Ricky. And cause -- NA and the. Answer I plotted out like. -- gobbles up and I don't think rob should try to do the split. Again He tried. And even little thing and it might see that -- it. If I see that little more time by the ambulance -- -- -- -- -- tomorrow. -- Clark don't ever do that again. Gaining on her only so much fun thanks for coming in -- in the social -- goes back to guys night.

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{"id":14760187,"title":"'DWTS' Week 5: Donny Osmond's Picks Top Dances","duration":"4:42","description":"Former champion of \"Dancing With the Stars\" explains who he thinks will go home.","url":"/GMA/video/Dancing-With-The-Stars-dwts-week-donnie-osmonds-picks-top-dances-14760187","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}