Accused Love Triangle Killer Wanted to 'Go Get Her Back'

Pedro Bravo says he was "crushed" to learn ex-girlfriend was seeing his best friend.
2:10 | 08/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Accused Love Triangle Killer Wanted to 'Go Get Her Back'
According to Gainsville. And I'm -- plus older not. How -- man under her and I wanted to get back -- so. And getting my classes and I also had to say that I did that on the matter back and -- done and try to convince myself I can't tell myself thinking this you can do this you can use. And then most of time I just can't continue -- -- -- in my head -- right right down my journal I write down. How I want to get back where I felt sorry for -- and -- it but -- I could fix things. And embellish anything Israel and -- it's it's a whole new different world Christian was in -- here. And thank you and I talked to my tongue I didn't go to Gainesville around September and I think -- and -- try and find Erica again. And it told me it's only worried Lucy should try again -- institutions you -- me -- good news go and do it. An army when I got to enjoy time among Indians -- eyes anymore GM to noon September oh my god. Just -- it opened just couldn't take wait until long and so on I told Chris that I want trying to get back with Erica and I told him. It just it just makes you feel Tehran and she hasn't told me yes -- no I just want a definite answers like guests. -- -- -- -- -- -- or no there's no possible way that we can get back together. On. Think it was on the six. I assumed. Text message and then a call from -- -- -- it is an -- to Norman. Are there certain tells me on the phone that she has been going into Christians accounts. -- and she's CNET that he. He is the pitcher Erika and that he even looks like -- -- -- out Erica. -- I think it's on the phone and not your calls me and she told me she just talked to Christian. And crystal -- that she's been -- going out -- -- to three weeks. And now -- that moment -- is instantly like. I'm crushed. Him because he's one of my best friends and now this is happening and -- I find out the worst possible way for to my friends.

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{"id":24980909,"title":"Accused Love Triangle Killer Wanted to 'Go Get Her Back'","duration":"2:10","description":"Pedro Bravo says he was \"crushed\" to learn ex-girlfriend was seeing his best friend.","url":"/GMA/video/accused-love-triangle-killer-wanted-to-get-ex-girlfriend-back-24980909","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}