Actress Ali Larter Shares Her Hollywood Party Secrets

A-lister Larter reveals best tips to hosting, entertaining the best party possible.
3:03 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Actress Ali Larter Shares Her Hollywood Party Secrets
actress ali larter. You probably know her from roles on the big screen. When she's not working as a fabulous actress, she is quite the cook, as well. If you fantasy about being at one of her dinner parties. It's in your new book called "kitchen revelry." It's so exciting to be here. Tell us about this pasta. This is my roasted tomato lingui linguine. This is 15 minutes in and out. If friends pop by at the last minute, you can throw it together. You're going to start with chir retomatoes. You're going to have peeled garlic. The sugar is going to caramelize the tomatoes. And add olive oil. You mix that together. Could not be easier. And take this bread crumb mixture. You mix in the italian bread crumbs, italian seasoning, some of the salt. Get that all mixed together. And this gets poured on top of your tomato mixture. So easy. I'm culinarily challenged. And so far, with you. This goes in the oven. For 15 minutes. And you do a quick broil. The broil will make the tomatoes so flavorful and so good. And you mix it in with the linguine. The bread crumbs look so delicious. It looks decadent. It's with olive oil. It's not quite as bad for you. Absolutely. And you tear up the basil. I love this. Thank you. You also have, remind me again the name of this. Aqua fresca. This is the end of summer most delicious drink. When the melons are at their ripest. Take cantaloupe -- take fresh cantaloupe and into the blender, add some water, aagave, and lime juice and basil. Blend that baby up. Buzz, buzz. This is what happens. It looks like this. This book is magic. This is my apple crisp. This is inspired by my mom's recipe. I can't make a pie crust. This is a crostata. The messier, the better. Nothing messy about you. Have a great glass of wine, laugh with your friends and order a pizza. This has a little something, something of it. "Kitchen revelry," available right now. And go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! For all of the recipes and extras for ♪

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{"id":20222989,"title":"Actress Ali Larter Shares Her Hollywood Party Secrets","duration":"3:03","description":"A-lister Larter reveals best tips to hosting, entertaining the best party possible.","url":"/GMA/video/actress-ali-larter-shares-hollywood-party-secrets-20222989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}