Actress Dishes on New ABC Thriller 'The River'

Eloise Mumford explains the highly anticipated debut of new horror show.
3:13 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actress Dishes on New ABC Thriller 'The River'
A new thriller the river premieres tonight here on ABC fans of lost Apocalypse Now and the Blair witch project. In the final ought to liken this mystery -- follows a family film grew up the Amazon. As a search for famous adventures but simply disappear. -- -- -- And I got. CNN could be more today than we don't know with a little help get beat -- -- -- -- Clean up. -- -- Model type patterns from the -- implication. -- six probable from the first -- and -- but this -- effective -- 55 kilometers west. Just a few million does know we're -- for the -- to be honest on on the map doesn't exist I'm telling you a boat doesn't just disappear. It's their past to be and they will be there my dad and and the it's the only possible place. That is one of the stars Eloise Mumford -- joins us now. Exciting isn't it yes I have to say you know I was I was just telling you I was at a meeting where they showed about eight minutes of the -- the -- went entirely silent. Everyone was gripped by this isn't scary show. Super scary thing it was scary even shooting -- I mean. I I have seen the first couple episodes of -- -- times and I still there's militantly. You know everything's gonna happen or not necessarily I know the holes we know we shot eight episodes NASA and everything that happens that a shot. And then beyond that. Announced that again -- there's so many different layers to it is you guys -- no no one ever really knows exactly. What's real what I was most surprised by mean you -- really got into character here one of the actors actually get an -- system. Yeah -- completely -- I know I mean it's amazing art -- -- -- -- She she had -- nexis isn't dealing with a back pain but there's all sorts of really creepy weird things happened earlier shooting I think the audience will really see that. On the screen we're sometimes does freaked out as everybody who you guys that shoot threes up the pilot -- -- and the -- -- -- and -- And why and it's beautiful stuff and -- also learned he had a very special. 25 birthday celebration he didn't have really went above and beyond consider this territory Agassi trying to worsen rats. Yeah apparently most of the show -- on a night that all takes place in the dark and so I turned twenty fight at midnight while -- shooting -- -- going came in and sang which is awesome and then. We -- to act with rats the last seen in the morning is about finally I -- my real rats. And they couldn't they had to run towards me they couldn't get them to run towards me because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So the morning attorney -- there was covered and -- -- with the rats and does. -- -- couldn't run toward me. Did they don't. Eventually -- a celebration before you go I just found out that you share an obsession. With my -- collection house yet -- collection yet no I mean. It's so dark -- but I I spent a lot of time on the beach drying up and now -- Hawaiian Eye to -- south. If that we love so we think -- -- -- premieres tonight at 9 in central at least one apartment permanent thank you.

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{"id":15529212,"title":"Actress Dishes on New ABC Thriller 'The River'","duration":"3:13","description":"Eloise Mumford explains the highly anticipated debut of new horror show.","url":"/GMA/video/actress-dishes-abc-thriller-river-15529212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}