New Treatment Surfaces for Food Addiction

Dr. Mike reveals a new way to treat food addiction in his book, "Diet Rehab."
4:17 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for New Treatment Surfaces for Food Addiction
It turned out -- bold new way of thinking about how to lose weight. Doctor -- -- and many overweight people are actually addicted to bad food that they have to be treated for that addiction he explains how in his book diet rehab. 28 days to finally stop creating the foods that make you fat. And -- to you change through one -- you could -- Georgina there's plenty of skepticism but there's also an increasing number of medical studies. That show that high fat and sugary foods can cause a rush of serotonin and opened in levels. The same brain chemicals associated with addictive behavior so we've told one woman for 28 days as she tried out a new diet out just this week it's designed not -- belly. But for the brain. But I look at myself when I look at my -- Not happy -- a mosque waste 242. Pounds and says she's an added. A food and my -- -- I use it. In one day she needed an entire box of Hostin. And -- typical meal involves huge portions of white rice and beans -- now. Miami parade at thirty and being a new mom -- says she began two years she was eating herself to its. What are was the motivation for you to go on this diet. -- Want to live a long look at. I want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- says she's ready to try a different approach. By putting her brain on a diet it's called diet rehab developed by doctor Mike Dow and it's designed to break food addictions and just 28 days so addicted to food for 102030. Years how can you possibly cure that and 28 day between eight days a sort of like gold standard treatment takes about a month -- -- -- human brain. -- is gold lose ten pounds in 28 days I got a -- that your while. We got the white rice and full fat cheese and -- -- -- by replacing her addictive foods with what doctor Mike calls booster foods. What -- you replace the Ding Dong and the potato chip west so instead of eating say a twenty. I would help somebody to find a whole fruit or some whole -- -- -- Week one -- as you always have -- add one booster meal and one booster activity per day. It feels good -- way something. This week to -- as you were but Aaron two booster foods and to boost activities. Aaliyah -- a stumbling block. The president follow the diet. It won't listen to him and I -- -- costs and -- today. Week three now comes the hard part eliminating addictive foods down to just three servings a day and fee increase -- activities to three day. So we're going to rule by local culture -- still aren't. To pick up -- field things but she can't deny she's missing her old friend's -- my jeans. And -- and morning. -- fork cut fat -- addictive -- even more just to serving today and fourth booster activities and -- -- of how -- through and 28 days later she's ready to step on that scale. I'm anxious because I don't know if that's I was kind of -- To -- me. And she's just short of her gold but more importantly completed successfully changed her eating habits and -- -- road to healthier life with Anderson described the new year. I really really paying attention to what it now I'd love Brussels sprouts now play this bag is and that -- -- that they hit a eight days ago. -- -- -- -- -- Doctor Mike says he's happy that she's lost nine pounds but he did happier that she feels good about herself and -- -- Went from feeling depressed -- feeling hopeful for her future and she tells me she's broken her addiction but she quickly admits that's the temptations will always be there are so the 28 this is not the end it's the beginning he's making real progress that is great news and we've got it seems to make a lot of sense it doesn't to a different TJ thanks very much.

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{"id":15304142,"title":"New Treatment Surfaces for Food Addiction","duration":"4:17","description":"Dr. Mike reveals a new way to treat food addiction in his book, \"Diet Rehab.\"","url":"/GMA/video/addicted-unhealthy-foods-15304142","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}