Afghan Suspect: Fraud History?

Man claims Robert Bales took his life savings.
2:47 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Afghan Suspect: Fraud History?
-- the staff Sargent Robert fails to US army soldier accused of killing sixteen Afghan civilians. He was once accused of ripping off an Ohio couple to the tune of over a million dollars ABC's Brian Ross brings us an exclusive -- For the retirees who knew Robert bales before all this that this happened the morning Friday. Good morning Robin with a lawyer for sergeant -- says his client has no memory of the night he is accused of the Afghan massacre -- -- defense of what is called diminished capacity. And while his family and friends say what happened is completely out of character for the man they -- There are these new report this morning that suggest he was a slick con man who joined the army. To avoid a million dollar judgment against. With criminal charges expected later this week the defense of staff sergeant -- is beginning to take shape. His lawyer told CBS news males cannot recall anything about a shooting. Is an early memory of that evening. And he has a leader in memory of that you. But he doesn't -- memory of in between. But back in Ohio some people who have had financial dealings with the angels say he is nothing but a smooth talking con man. Gary leave to and his wife say fails cheated them out of their life savings when he worked as a broker for -- local investment fair. Over the phone -- to told me all he has left now is his Social Security my. Income -- less than what's going now so we're trying to make ends meet. Everything -- or took his case against bales and his firm to Wall Street regulators in May 2000. And an independent arbitrator later found that -- engaged in fraud unauthorized trading and unsuitable investments. -- join the army at the very time the case was pending. And legion -- says Bayless could not be found. After an arbitrator ordered him and his associates to pay more than one point four million dollars asked -- it was fair to called fails a con man. -- -- -- I think you hit the -- on the head. All of this has come as a huge shock to -- neighbors in Washington State. One -- movers were seen outside his home packing up the family's belongings. Hale's wife has told friends the family was having financial problems and the house was rumored to be up for sale. The statement his wife asked for peace and time to make sense of something that makes no sense at all. -- family has been placed under protective custody by the military and in her statement Monday his wife said. She and her family extended their condolences to the families of those who died in Afghanistan. And added. The paying inevitably inflicted in war should never be an excuse to inflict yet market.

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{"id":15959601,"title":"Afghan Suspect: Fraud History?","duration":"2:47","description":"Man claims Robert Bales took his life savings.","url":"/GMA/video/afghan-massacre-suspect-robert-bales-financial-fraud-history-15959601","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}