Airfare Prices Rise for Holiday Travel Season

John Berman on major airlines' first widespread fare increase since the summer.
1:50 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airfare Prices Rise for Holiday Travel Season
Going home for the holidays may cost more than ever this season the major airlines are launching their first widespread increase in airfare since the summer. And as ABC's John Berman reports to passengers it may sound like one big Bob humble. What could be better than -- into. Crowded plane to -- backward uncomfortable holiday dinner with your crazy uncle Eddie yeah that's right. Me more. -- -- -- are going up with brand new price hikes this week up to ten dollars on round trip just in time for the holidays. Airlines raised their prices to see the appetite of consumers. And also the appetite of other airlines. In fact most -- will be up 10% compared to last year -- some popular routes like cross country up 30%. One estimate says the average cost is up seventy dollars for one year ago. -- that's 280 bucks. Locked -- -- so why is -- every airline that means that you wouldn't miss may have bitten thirty time. -- sizes whose goal. Or more likely it's the fact that fuel costs are highly in demand for flights is actually fairly strong. They can get away with this. If that fare hikes -- the bad news the really bad news. You're also paying more in -- loose piece one analysis says airlines will make an additional 32. Billion dollars this year in those bag fees in everything you're now paying for on board. So what are we to do. Book now and avoid those days right before or right after the holidays. It's every day you don't buy your tickets starting today at five dollars to your virtual ticket every day anyway so happy holidays to you end up -- -- For Good Morning America John Berman ABC news.

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{"id":14776847,"title":"Airfare Prices Rise for Holiday Travel Season","duration":"1:50","description":"John Berman on major airlines' first widespread fare increase since the summer.","url":"/GMA/video/airfare-prices-rise-holiday-travel-season-14776847","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}