Alan Thicke's sons battle his widow in court

Thicke's two eldest sons are fighting their stepmother, Tanya Callau, over her prenuptial agreement and Thicke's reported $14 million estate.
3:32 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Alan Thicke's sons battle his widow in court
We are back with that legal battle over Alan Thicke's estate. His son-in-laws robin and Brendan filing a petition in court taking on the widow. Now she's firing back and Amy has details. I do and the battle is on for Alan Thicke's reported $14 million estate with his widow's attorney claiming the thickes' sons are engaged in a smear campaign to bully his client. ??? Reporter: He was the beloved dad on the hit show "Growing pains". Well, well, well. So, like, hot for you, grandma. Reporter: After Alan Thicke's sudden death last disease his width don't and two eldest sons are in the middle of a family drama battling over his $14 million estate. His sons including robin Thicke filing a complaint in L.A. Superior court seeking to uphold their father's living trust claiming their stepmother is insisting her prenuptial agreement is invalid demanding a bigger cut. The actor reportedly left his three sons equal shares of his $3.5 million ramp and 75% of his personal effects and 60% of his remaining estate. Tanya, all of the ranch's furnishings, a $500,000 life insurance policy and 40% share of his remaining estate. His estate plan says that his wife would get to stay on the property providing that she maintained its upkeep and paid for any costs associated it. The sons she wants more. My darling Tanya. Reporter: His 11-year marriage documented in the reality sitcom series "Usually thick". I collect everything, even wives. Reporter: Tanya's attorney says she is not contesting it. It is clear Alan's sons have chosen charge by stirring up the tabloid media filing a bogus lawsuit and refusing family mediation. Thicke's wife revealing to TMZ at the time of his death they were planning on getting pregnant using eggs she had frozen three years ago. I could definitely see this getting contention unless they go to mediation now we'll get to see the whole thing play out. The attorney for the Thicke's sons made every effort to resolve it without going to court and they just want to honor his intension, a hearing has now been scheduled for July 25th. Didn't he recently update it. Yeah, he did in February of 2016. He made his brother the trustee, his brother declined that role then he chose his two sons to handle his estate and rather than his wife and Tanya did not make any complaints at that time. What is her argument. She has to show some sort of infence changed either in the form of an e-mail or tech or bottom line, experts say any time someone wants to argue a prenup or trust document has changed or shouldn't apply. They have an upillegal battle. I would think so, yeah. Thanks, Amy.

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{"id":47507941,"title":"Alan Thicke's sons battle his widow in court","duration":"3:32","description":"Thicke's two eldest sons are fighting their stepmother, Tanya Callau, over her prenuptial agreement and Thicke's reported $14 million estate.","url":"/GMA/video/alan-thickes-sons-battle-widow-court-47507941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}