Alec Baldwin Does Yoga Video With Wife Hilaria

DVD available soon at Amazon,, and select retailers.
2:47 | 09/29/13

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin Does Yoga Video With Wife Hilaria
It's down the back. Renowned actors -- come behind -- if we really can't get -- -- has this video this morning Alec Baldwin is known for speaking his mind and the actor of course takes no prisoners famously lashing out of the paparazzi. And it's not I really can't get another video I just don't believe that he's waiting for disagreements on many this is a new yoga videos. The question is -- -- marriage in a new baby have softened the man finally ABC's -- -- Is all of the story of Martin of the. Morning guys it is an age old dilemma -- woman it really change a mansion she even try. This new video may be evidence that LA area Baldwin has pulled it off. Think -- I'm busy he knows comedy shows -- it's Alec Baldwin as we've never seen him before. Now I -- can come behind me. And he's gonna -- into -- -- the ASEAN countries Twitter tirades -- bust ups with the paparazzi appears to be revealing a softer side and his wife and Larry as new yoga dvd. Having a baby isn't really exciting time airlines but -- -- mommy to be prenatal yoga dvd -- the then pregnant mrs. Baldwin in a recent interview with Vanity Fair of the 29 year old new mother opened up about the couple's balance of power. Saying he very much did what I want him to do I was the boss that day were both very bossy people and that day he let me be the -- It's I think he's wildly in love with his wife she has a new project bad he's there to support her as any loving husband would derail. I think she's been really good calming influence on him. Baldwin has credited his wife's influence with helping him get happier and healthier as the co-founder of yoga vita LA area is one of the ancient fitness regimes biggest names. Even showing GMA is Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott some hoses and -- summer points -- Baldwin's latest supporting role comes after years of eccentric antics like dawning of -- paparazzi proof get up. Isn't it glorious runway -- run it. And most recently lashing out in his new -- two cents after a British reporter accused her of tweeting during James Gandolfini is funeral. He -- pleaded I'm gonna find you you toxic little -- lives and I'm gonna expletive you. -- While malaria told Vanity Fair her philosophy when it comes to the paparazzi she says you have to -- them blend in with all the other -- -- of the city she also says the yoga helps. -- -- He can wonder. How much Alec Baldwin is getting beat -- right now by as -- the. Yeah. I love I don't know about friends that love him yeah exactly on the other again Stuart girlfriends but. The pain management.

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{"id":20410427,"title":"Alec Baldwin Does Yoga Video With Wife Hilaria","duration":"2:47","description":"DVD available soon at Amazon,, and select retailers.","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwin-yoga-video-wife-hilaria-20410427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}