Alec Baldwin's Wife Describes Wedding in 1st Interview

Yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin reveals details about star-studded nuptials.
5:29 | 07/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alec Baldwin's Wife Describes Wedding in 1st Interview
And we all love alec baldwin. His movie, "saturday night live," he's fantastic. 30 rock" now his heart belongs to only one woman. That is true. Tying the knot with a gorgeous yoga instructor. That's what it says. You didn't notice. Hilaria baldwin joining us now. We're not going to call her hilaria thomas anymore, she's hilaria baldwin. Welcome. well -- momosel tov. How is married life? Married life is really nice. It's different. It feels different. What is the thing that surprised you the most? I think just the fact that it feels different. We like to say husband and wife a lot. I say husband, where are you? He says where is my wife. How is my wife doing. These are first peeks. I love this. Thank you for sharing these very private photos. We're seeing these first, i think. This was my last fitting. So you meet just a little over a year ago. A year. And look, alec a favorite of ours on social media, at the programs now certainly here at "gaa." I know we actually have pictures of your actual first dance. It was a picture that a friend took with a cell phone. Yes, she wasn't supposed to. I was really mad at her. Actually it was our intrepid intern that got that shot. Did you have a no-camera rule? No camera rule. I was very happy. She texted it to me. I said oh, my god, you can't do this. We signed something with "people" magazine. She said okay, I'm doing it. What is that moment dark because let's face it. The swirls around the big day were there, but what was that moment like? I mean that -- that morning, I went to physique 57, then the entire morning, I was just walking around and before I knew that, all of the photographers were going to be out. Everybody is saying to me, like why are you so calm? Why are you so calm? I said what is there to be nervous about. What is there to go wrong. That's a good sign, my friend. Normally brides -- the dance was fantastic, very relaxing. You're thrust in the public eye certainly at a much greater scale than you could have imagined. Photographers everywhere. What's is like? It's not my favorite thing, photographers on the street, they are not always very nice to you. But, you just keep on walking. Sunglasses, I understand the purpose of sunglasses now. Used to be keys phone wallet. Now it's key, phone, wallet, Photographers are not the favorite thing but yoga is. You said it really changed your body. You brought mats here to show some positions that we can all do at home. I have joel and melissa here, they are going to help us out. These are simple moves that we can do. We don't want to pull something on live tv. We are going to let you wear your shoes. Thank you very much. I already -- this is now a hostage video. I want you to know. America, I am okay. They're treating me well. Okay. We're going to come to the front of your mat. Don't worry. I've never hurt anybody so far. I've never taken a class yet. Transition on to your right foot. Do you know which is your right foot? Yes. Big step with your right foot. And make sure your toes are turned in. You come down on your right ankle. We're coming to warrior one right now. As you bring two hips to the front of the room. And then you bring your arms up. Don't worry I'll come over there. Very good. I can't go that high in my shirt. There you go. Look at that. and then, we're going to reach, warrior two, right arm forward, left arm back. I want to tell everybody, you can see hilaria doing this on hue low, it's on tv. And it's free. The most glorious relaxing exercises. Okay, what now? You just hang in there. Now the tricky part. Lift the back heel, arms up above the head -- ooh, ooh. Then get to the front of the mat, step forward. Whoo! That's tremendous. Hilaria baldwin. Check her out on hue lolu. Check it out.

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{"id":16863927,"title":"Alec Baldwin's Wife Describes Wedding in 1st Interview","duration":"5:29","description":"Yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin reveals details about star-studded nuptials.","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwins-wife-describes-wedding-1st-interview-16863927","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}