'Alien: Covenant' cast participate in a 'Frightening Round' live on 'GMA'

Michael Fassbender, Jussie Smollett, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride answer rapid-fire questions about the upcoming movie on "GMA."
6:13 | 05/16/17

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Transcript for 'Alien: Covenant' cast participate in a 'Frightening Round' live on 'GMA'
Michael fassbender and cast of "Alien: Covenant." We'll chat in just a moment, first an exclusive never before seen clip of the movie, take a look. Source of transmission, located. Planet number four. Planet number four is square in the -- beyond your most optimistic projections. How far is it. She's close. A little jump, a few weeks. Okay, let's chart a course and take a closer look. Yes, sir. Just a sneak peek. So good to have Michael fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, jussie smollett and Danny Mcbride. We both watched it yesterday. Couldn't sleep. Incredible franchise. Katherine, I met you before the show. Borrow her shoes before. Happy to lend them to you. Same size. Just lucky. I'll never forget that. I won't either. I'll call you in emergencies. Stunt junkie, though. I understand the shoe thing. But me not so much with the jumping off of buildings. Have you tried it? I was a diver so kind of but not -- I didn't know that I was going to like it until I tried it. But also I have -- Why are you giggling -- It's too early. It's too early, Michael. I have bad vision and so I thought I'd be afraid to kind of leap off the -- be afraid of heights but because I have bad vision I couldn't see how far I was jumping so I think that helped. Ignorance is bliss. No doubt about that. I have to ask you what's it like to get to work on such an iconic franchise? It's fine. Another day, another dollar. Another day at the office for me. You know, Ridley is one -- like a master craftsman so any time you get to be around someone who does what they do so well, you're kind of in awe. And with this group of actors as an ensemble, it felt pretty lucky. Very special. You do a fantastic job and got to ask about the props on set. It seems lying one of those S so many cool things, the eggs. A lot of them go missing. Do they? Did you take anything? Did you take anything back home with you. All: No. No, absolutely not. We would definitely announce that on national television. Is that going to be one of these random alien eggs showing up in somebody's garden somewhere. On Ebay. Jesse, I'm glad you spoke up. Jussie, we know from Emma Thompson -- "Empire." Cookie on "Empire" or the alien. Cookie will flatten that I will yen in a second. That alien is scary to all of us except cookie. Had a feeling. No doubt. Danny, I heard you didn't know -- you didn't know you were claustrophobic. Yes. Until you started filming this movie. Yes, Katherine was there to witness it. Yeah, I had to get into this sleep pod and I was just joking around then they sealed me in it and it's like a coffin just this close to your face, no way to get out of it and I look up at Katherine like how long is this take going to take. Do we have to do this? Do they see me there. Oh, yeah, they see you. Get back inside. It's not just the sleeping chamber it's like the space suits you have to wear and the helmets and -- I was feeling very -- when I saw his face, I was feeling very -- Ridley was like what's happening. Why aren't we filming. I was like, nothing. Did you have a panic attack. No, I was able to get it into check but maybe if Katherine would have flub the her lines another take it might have happened. I had gotten stuck in there before you had to get in there and I didn't want to tell you that because the door jammed when I was in there. No, no, open, no problem. George was kind enough to share video of Michael break dancing. By the way, great worm. Hard to do. Hard to do. ??? Reverse too. Right. Did you guys know that Michael had those moves? Did you? I knew he had different moves but he did a great robot running the movie. I don't know -- is it in the movie? Did you see it. The robot run? I'm not sure. I was running. Did you guys watch the movie? Good. Yeah, the robot run. That's something probably a lot of people didn't know about Michael. Anything else you can share about a different cast member that people at home might not know about. Wets his bed. They knew that. Yeah. So we want to do quickly this -- we usually do lightning rupdzs. We're calling it the frightening round. Because the movie was just that. So, quick as you can first, you know, knee-jerk reaction. Jussie, something no one knows about your cast mates, go. Billy is literally, a good thing, Billy is like the nicest person, best dad. He would fly from Australia to New York like every weekend to see his son which is crazy. Thank you. He's a really good guy. I would love to say something shady or funny. But that's -- Amazing. All right, Katherine, first movie that ever made you scream? "Candy man." I'm still traumatized by that moved. I will -- Don't do it. Don't do it. Who knows the words to "Country road ??? Take me home country road to the place I belong West Virginia mountain mama, take me home. There you go. Thank you to the cast. You guys are fantastic. Wish we had more time for our frightening round but we are out of it. Great job in the movie and thank you for the worm. Thank you. Not easy to do.

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{"id":47430493,"title":"'Alien: Covenant' cast participate in a 'Frightening Round' live on 'GMA'","duration":"6:13","description":"Michael Fassbender, Jussie Smollett, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride answer rapid-fire questions about the upcoming movie on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/alien-covenant-cast-participate-frightening-round-live-gma-47430493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}