Alleged Gunman on Loose in National Park

Police search for armed survivalist on the run in Mount Rainier National Park.
2:52 | 01/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Gunman on Loose in National Park
Frantic search and Mount Rainier national park right now authorities searching the wilderness for an -- survivalist on the run. ABC's Neal Karlinsky joins us from just south -- the park and has the latest -- morning meal. Robin good morning we're just outside the park at a fire station here that's become a sort of staging area for trapped families. -- brought out under police escort -- then taken in here. Up on the mountain the gunman remains holed up in five feet of snow and freezing temperatures tracked by heavily armed police. -- -- Year old Benjamin Colton Barnes and Iraq War vet considered armed and dangerous. On the -- somewhere inside the vast Mount Rainier national park. Police say he shot 34 year old park ranger Margaret Anderson during a routine traffic stop at the park Sunday. Killing the mother of two small children -- just to -- four years old. He started to fire at -- Margaret and the other ranger from -- and got out of the car and fled on foot. Police say Barnes left this car behind filled with body armor weapons and supplies before taking off into the wilderness still firing. Park officials scramble to protect visitors and gathered more than a hundred of them inside this building called the paradise visitor center here guarded by armed park Rangers and tactical officers sent in to protect them. Men women and children spent the night sleeping on the floor huddled together. The new visitors center has all these windows. To DP this beautiful visual of paradise. Well that also commit to everyone -- that. Visitor center. -- sitting back. We're -- this morning police methodically evacuated some of the stranded. There was this scandal -- -- the I don't know if there. The swat -- -- and and we all had to get on our knees and her hands on our. Heads and babies are crying and no way to know is going -- ABC news obtained court documents that show Barnes has -- violent past. And -- -- the mother of his child with guns before they had a bitter custody battle last summer. Police tracked Barnes through heavy snow following footprints with ground teams while an airplane with infra red cameras searched for him by seeking out its heat signature. They also released photos showing him with weapons and tattoos reading pride envy gluttony and lust. As police learn more they also now believe he's responsible for shooting four people earlier on Sunday. At a house party near Seattle before fleeing to -- premier. Up on the mountain conditions are said to be extremely rough for the gunman is being tracked if he did make it. -- -- night and that isn't it according to police they believed they won't get -- soon.

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{"id":15272512,"title":"Alleged Gunman on Loose in National Park","duration":"2:52","description":"Police search for armed survivalist on the run in Mount Rainier National Park.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-gunman-loose-mount-raininer-national-park-ranger-15272512","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}