Alleged High School Bomb Plot Foiled in Utah

Two teens accused of planning to blow up their school and flee in planes.
2:24 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged High School Bomb Plot Foiled in Utah
Thanks and out of that chilling story did you talk to teens have been arrested for planning to blow up their school -- escape and a stolen plane. ABC's Neal Karlinsky joins us the latest from Roy Utah and -- these details are so unsettling was incredible to me is. How much planning and preparation these teens were able to do. That's right George police say the planning was absolutely meticulous and this is the school right here that the two teens allegedly. Plan to attack with explosives it was all foiled when another student here received. Text messages from one of the suspects. One reading if I tell you one day not to go to school make sure you when your brother are not here. -- they pulled it off police say eighteen year old -- Morgan and a sixteen year old student could have killed hundreds. Investigators say their meticulous plot involves setting off explosives during a high school assembly. When the gymnasium would be packed with students that Sudan allegedly planned to steal a small airplane from nearby Ogden Hinckley airport. And fly to another country. Out of the reach of authorities. Yet they would have achieved what they wanted to achieve there would have been significant loss of life. Police say the -- had detailed maps of the school -- security system and surveillance cameras all put together over the course of months. And amazingly they see the teenagers logged thousands of hours on flight simulator programs in order to teach themselves how to fly. There are pretty realistic they have tutorials -- go through or somebody's actually like an actual instructors teaching -- how to. Start the airplane take off. The two were arrested after this sixteen year old girl came forward and showed authorities text messages from one of the suspects. I've been kind of planning to get back at the world reads one then talking about the airplane. We gonna crash it we're just gonna kill and fly our way to a country that won't send us back to the US. She says one of the accused plotters was accessed with the massacre at Columbine and even took a trip to Colorado. To learn more. People that you really cared about -- Texans say I could not to go to school on -- and they would do not go. No word at this point from the boy's parents at all police say they haven't found any evidence of actual explosives that these. Two allegedly gathered no suspects. Other than the two are believed to be involved in school is back in session as normal later this morning. George and Robin OK Neil -- -- -- a plot.

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{"id":15455182,"title":"Alleged High School Bomb Plot Foiled in Utah","duration":"2:24","description":"Two teens accused of planning to blow up their school and flee in planes.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-high-school-bomb-plot-foiled-utah-15455182","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}