Alleged Manhattan Madam's Partner to Turn Herself In

Woman is expected to surrender for allegedly helping run a NYC brothel.
8:16 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Alleged Manhattan Madam's Partner to Turn Herself In
We have new developments now in the case -- that suburban mom and mom accused of running a call girl ring in New York City. A partner of the Manhattan madam could be -- to surrender today we're getting a look inside what police say it was a multimillion dollar sex for sale business. You -- Dan Harris is -- that's very good morning. If -- good morning to you she says she's innocent prosecutors however say they have an airtight case including hours of recordings. On which she discusses her alleged high priced -- business and there are more shoes to drop on this case today. This morning and it Christina is heading back to court this time the judge will examine whether she can afford to hire an attorney. Prosecutors say she ran a lucrative prostitution ring but she reportedly claims to be broke. Meanwhile there are new reports that the alleged hockey mom -- Adams alleged accomplice. A thirty year old named Ginnie Mae baker is planning to turn herself in as soon as this afternoon. Well baker is facing up to seven years on felony charges of promoting prostitution. Her friends say she is downright saintly. Engaged in charity work for children and animals these new pictures revealed the alleged sex Dan said to be used by high priced call girls. There's a bed on the floor a few candles -- mood lighting. Also a small living room -- disheveled -- This 600 dollar -- month apartment present. Is the place where -- celebrities and politicians. Paid up to 2500 dollars a night to be with prostitutes. Christina who says she is no -- Admits to renting the place but says is only a crash pad for friends involved in secret affairs. Meanwhile this woman -- in the EC is -- -- to say she worked as a call girl. And that and it Christina referred her clients. We spoke to -- -- attorney. And -- it is portraying herself as suburban mom who is running. A business on the up and up from what you know is that true that's faults from what I know what I've been told. Is that in Pristina was providing prostitution services. In would book Burma and other girls. According to her attorney. Macy who is originally from Bosnia had a business relationship with an -- -- NF for four -- six years -- kind of clientele. -- your client dealing with very -- and two men who could afford to pay 2000 dollars an hour -- 2000 -- 2000 dollars an hour. 5000 dollars for the evening well to do in some cases quite well known. Individuals. Lot more come on this story I'm pretty sure this morning the New York Post is reporting that -- -- and his attorney is making -- extremely unusual move. Offering to put his 2.5 million dollar Condo up as collateral so his client can make bail right now. She's on record down let's get -- apparently so then thanks very much.

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{"id":15900996,"title":"Alleged Manhattan Madam's Partner to Turn Herself In","duration":"8:16","description":"Woman is expected to surrender for allegedly helping run a NYC brothel.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-manhattan-madams-partner-turn-15900996","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}