Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony: 2011's Courtroom Drama

Dan Abrams discusses the most notorious trials of 2011.
3:22 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony: 2011's Courtroom Drama
Let's bring in GMA legal analyst and -- for more and let's start with this Amanda Knox case which we just and that the peace with. Actually it's not even over right ever to gossip about everyone thinks it's over but Italian justice system allows -- her to be -- and slander charges because she simply testified -- hitter. And allows the prosecutor to try and appeal. The ruling that we've already seen so too big decisions it's still need to be made number one are they gonna move for. And on this slander charge number two -- -- -- -- -- appeal the acquittal I think that most people and even in Europe. At this point. Are ready for this case -- and and simply saying opposite. And we haven't heard her speak of course -- she plans to write a book what and that's going to be fascinating -- 2012. For Amanda Knox is gonna be huge -- because she's come back to this country is someone who was wrong. By the Italian justice system and as a result there -- a lot of people. Who want to hear her story. On the other hand 2012 for Casey Anthony who was also just featured in that and that piece is very very different. Well Amanda Knox get home to a joyous homecoming -- Casey Anthony has been reviled everywhere she goes. You would think that in this day and age there's almost no one who -- that famous who can't capitalize when everyone would say come. -- reality show something some way to Casey Anthony's going to be able to make money. The truth he she's gonna have a really hard time. Because no major entity. He's going to be don't. Being the 12. Would say yeah. We paid Casey Anthony X amount of dollars for this sort that -- we paid a production company which went to Casey Anthony so. Total difference between Amanda Knox -- is going to be one of the most sought after. People. In this country as a result of the justice system Casey Anthony one of the leaks there -- reports Casey at busy shopping around for a freer than exit that would attach it -- it look I want I think that people would interview Casey Anthony for -- I mean I think you know -- interviewed Casey and Casey Anthony wants good enough. 3 am happy to do it Clinton -- the question becomes giving her money and -- that's the thing that would drive people not. And one of the biggest cases were likely to see 2012 is that at the Penn State football coach Jerry sandusky facing 52 counts of child abuse everybody wondering how is he going to defend himself when -- accusers are willing to take the -- That's right and and so -- -- we've seen him suggesting it was just a force play. We heard one of his lawyers suggest that maybe he was gonna say he was taking a shall work with boys because he needed to teach them hygiene. -- these are. He's a really tough -- -- eight and get where -- world securing the -- and asking is considering now an interview with his wife. Publicly another one yet and every member -- -- -- so -- that's right and every single interview he does can be used against him in a truck. And very quickly former police officer Drew Peterson is likely to go on trial in 2012 for killing his third wife. But it's been the disappearance of his fourth wife that brought all that brought this all about. That's right third wife declared an accident her death in a bath -- fourth wife goes missing. Third wife's death is -- Reopens. They determined that it was a murder put him on trial for the third wife still a suspect in the fourth wife but they're -- -- be real questions as to whether a lot of very crucial statements are gonna come in. And when that truck and before. Of course the -- Allen and John Edwards also can -- 2012 promises to be almost as interesting as you haven't exactly all right Dan thanks so much.

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{"id":15245374,"title":"Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony: 2011's Courtroom Drama","duration":"3:22","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the most notorious trials of 2011.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-casey-anthony-2011s-courtroom-drama-15245374","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}