Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend on His Way to Seattle

Knox's former co-defendant in an Italian murder trial is visiting her in U.S.
2:34 | 03/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend on His Way to Seattle
That's surprising new twists in the Amanda Knox story. ABC news has learned that her ex boyfriend and former co defendant is on his way to Seattle where Knox returned after being cleared -- that sensational murder trial. When between Elizabeth Vargas who has covered this saga from the start here to explain what's going on good morning was this morning George it's undeniable that the Knox and so -- to families will -- -- -- -- ever given what they have been through. Amanda Knox and -- isolation -- had dated less than a week when they were arrested and then spent the next four years in prison in -- first convicted and ultimately acquitted of murder. Each is moving on now for roughly isolation -- that includes a job search here in the US with meetings in Los Angeles and very soon Seattle. To most Americans he is simply the other defendant the young Italian man whose brief romance with -- man to Knox was cut short when the two were convicted of killing her roommate Meredith culture. Both. Defendants have been -- -- that conviction was later overturned on appeal. Thank you to everyone. -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's defending me. Since the release both have moved on each is seeing someone new trying to carve out their new lives. Amanda is in college and hard at work on her book due out next year a nearly four million dollar deal. As for the 27 year old so -- Ito ABC news has learned he will be in Seattle later this week. Reportedly for a job interview with sitting beside tank company possibly Microsoft. Once -- ninety student he finished his degree in computer science in prison. There are still people in Italy who are quite convinced that he participated again. A grisly murder and so it's probably easier to live with that somewhere where you're not well known. Lake the United States. Roughly -- will likely be meeting with his Seattle based booking agent as well he planned to meet with local supporters a meeting sources say has been canceled. But it's unclear whether or not he is plans to visit his former girlfriend Amanda Knox the -- have not seen each other since October. Though moments after Amanda was freed her family invited the -- -- toast to visit. And while roughly isolation -- has retained a booking agent it is unclear the actually plans to write a book. Amanda Knox however is actively working on -- and has had several publishers vying for the rights to publish it. The third person convicted of murdering -- -- roommate Meredith -- -- remains in prison with little doubt about his guilt -- case story of Elizabeth thanks very much.

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{"id":15917541,"title":"Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend on His Way to Seattle","duration":"2:34","description":"Knox's former co-defendant in an Italian murder trial is visiting her in U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knoxs-boyfriend-seattle-15917541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}