America's Future on the War on Terror

Christiane Amanpour discusses what the U.S. Troop withdrawal in Iraq means.
2:11 | 10/22/11

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Transcript for America's Future on the War on Terror
Joined now by the host of ABC's this week Christiane -- on four. -- covered the war in Iraq extensively good morning to do anything great to have you let me ask you your sources in the military community and -- diplomatic community what -- they tell you. After all these years after trillions of dollars after more than 4000 Americans lost after tens of thousands of Iraqis lost. Was it worth it -- win. Winning is a very -- very controversial time in the question -- will remain look Saddam Hussein is gone. He wouldn't have gone had it not been for an invasion despite all the pain and suffering the -- it. The country is they beyond a half to a representative government over this still remain today -- -- many difficulties. The violence is not ended it is still not stable so many of the people like tool to say -- we have. Paid such -- surprise we want to make sure that these gains the programs could make can be consolidated and -- don't just evaporate. Hasn't heard from David's piece of president has left open the option for military trainers who does that mean if things turn south for example that we won't see US boots on the ground as well as these -- days says that this is a normal operation once they take everybody out that they renegotiate. With the governments to see what they -- over the front of the matter is. The US wanted to keep troops and -- He wanted to keep troops it. The pro Iran faction in the Iraqi parliament basically prevented that from happening so that out. Having to regroup. -- the Iraqi parliament the Iraqi Government is so -- -- but emphasis on some what they're a lot of fissures and fault lines that remain in the country once we leave would be -- civil. War we know that was always a -- at the beginning. If you told people they're not they're not sure that that is going to happen again but the instability you write is still a problem -- This announcement comes just as Turkey -- Northern Iraq to go -- Kurdish separatists and -- Corning for May be a buffer zone of its own in Northern Iraq. So this whole country is still in play including from Iran and other people say. Don't over estimate you know so -- -- -- Iraq but it is a very significant Honda forty Shiites of me in. The -- internal problems and they is that a very bad neighborhood Christiane Amanpour thank you very much.

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{"id":14791894,"title":"America's Future on the War on Terror","duration":"2:11","description":"Christiane Amanpour discusses what the U.S. Troop withdrawal in Iraq means. ","url":"/GMA/video/americas-future-war-terror-14791894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}