Andy Samberg on New Flick, Leaving 'SNL'

Actor chats about his upcoming romantic comedy with Rashida Jones on "GMA."
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Andy Samberg on New Flick, Leaving 'SNL'
Andy samberg here with us. We know him from "saturday night live." But he's getting a little more serious. A new romantic comedy. They play a couple that tries to stay friends while splitting up. And here's how they do it. Tonight, I am going on a date. And I'm going to date people. That's great. It is? Yeah. No, jess, please, don't cry again. Good for you. Doesn't bother you? No. Okay. Yeah. It's yogurt girl. Yogurt girl. Yeah. She's cute. She's young, right? Super young. But her body is like all-time. Okay. There's no need for that. And andy samberg is joining us now. I see you' watching yourself there. This is striking out in a bit of a different direction for you. A little more serious. Yeah. There's comedy. There's drama. You know, it's a sundance film. It is a sundance film. It's an indy film. There's so many indy films that are based in new york city. This one gives you a view into a different kind of l.A. We normally see in the movie. Sure. I mean, rashida grew up there. And her and h buddy, will, wrote it. There's a lot of affection towards the city and the script. And she sent you the script years ago, right? Yeah. She was like, what do you think of this? I read it and said, it's really good. Who's playing jesse? You pitched yourself for the job, right? I threw myself into the ring. The entire self. Not just the hat. Rashida said she loved the chemistry between the two of you. This is a bookend to another movie I talked about this week. Meryl streep and tommy lee jones were here earlier in the week. They have a movie called "hope spring." It's about an old couple that are trying to be together. This is a young couple that can't figure out a way to be apart. This is a way sexier "hope springs." You're going to hear from meryl on that one. I'd rather hear from meryl than tommy lee. But if you want to hang out, tommy lee, I'm into it. This is the first time you're not getting ready for "saturday night live" in seven years. How does it feel? Yeah. It feels okay. I just started a beard competition with common. He's winning. I think it's neck and neck. We're like lochte and phelps. You have a little bit of time. What are you going to miss about it the most? So many things. People, first off. So many friends. It feels like a family to me. I'll miss working with everyone and the rush of saturday night and all that stuff. Just being able to have an idea on friday and have it air on saturday. That's cool. Here on morning television, we think about our schedules. Early wake-up calls. I'll bet you're not going to miss the craziness of the week. The schedule's a little intense. Although, in many ways, it was conducive to my natural clock. I'm a night person. It was kind of -- do standup or "snl" and I got lucky. Want to do a round of co-star k keyword. Justin timberlake. Wait. That's going so fast. He's breaking up the game now. It's a beard competition. Competition is here right now. My beard is winning. Who likes -- in the beard competition, you're definitely phelps. We'll get you two on "dancing with the stars." I'm not that great of a dancer. I'm really good at dancing. Really, like, scary good. You want to have a competition in that, too? If I'd have a better shot at that than the beard competition. Okay. I'll let you go, man. Have fun. Common. That was fantastic. You're a good sport. The movie is called "celeste and jesse forever." It's in theaters now. Thank you very much. Let's get the last check of

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{"id":16966890,"title":"Andy Samberg on New Flick, Leaving 'SNL'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor chats about his upcoming romantic comedy with Rashida Jones on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/andy-samberg-flick-rashida-jones-celeste-jesse-forever-16966890","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}