Angie Varona, Parents Discuss Hacked Photos

Family talks to George Stephanopoulos about 14-year-old exposed on Internet.
3:50 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Angie Varona, Parents Discuss Hacked Photos
And we are joined now by NG wine annually over thank you so much. For coming in and what it is tough to watch your story and I could see how tough it was for you to think about what you -- your parents are. Who was the hardest moment. From the highest moment was a bloody year afternoon all the pictures came -- He says Evelyn doesn't really hit me an area allies that this could -- and of late -- future period zone not. And even considered suicide of 1 point I -- a lot of points a lot of points yes. -- -- take us back to the beginning of all this and try to explain. What goes through your mind when you first and send the pictures. Arnold -- -- your mind is if you think it's private and -- christening I think it's never going to be reading get out there and the only Christmas Tennessee it is a -- receiving it but it. When you realize that that's not really how this world where -- It kind of takes its -- You have that even after your account was packed for the first time you and did -- again -- -- Because. I -- you realize that it was that serious at that point. And how much from a teenage demographic we make a lot of mistakes at this stage. We have so many pressure is on society that I put on us so I -- -- end -- that option I realize you know alliance. Competitiveness and give it. And then it just explodes all the while trying to run by Charles horrible wet -- -- first become aware of politics. Most of the time man I was -- -- fifteen there was 1:30 in the morning and we hear yelling hysterically crying. And so we thought something happened and it was that a friend of hers. Had seen the pictures that she had -- privately on non porn sites. -- -- out and then -- persons who were looking at them or sending her. -- -- -- I must reverse -- -- At that age you don't expect people to be so cruelty you know -- Oh win on initial days. So what did you -- do about it. Contact the police. They've been trying to help us -- -- this but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So and then -- -- -- the police officers from working with us recently told us that they were able Trace -- sites in Spain but there's a fan club. Based on her pictures so it's -- think with the Internet is. We lock our doors we you know commitment of the city have alarm system give everything to protect your children -- strangers don't -- and here's pandora's box you open up that. That. Laptop. In the strangers can -- so what have you learned from this and what advice would you give to parents based on your experience. It's just you know and it's difficult to know what advice to -- because you can -- sort of -- and at the home but the minute the child needs. The house the friends have in hand on the phones. They're -- other family members or or you know friends families -- -- I mean you go on these web sites and there are a lot of kids that are there whose parents have no clue. The parents don't have included -- Home they joined me and it's only not single in you're -- -- -- face within on the have a MySpace but the -- -- -- -- house and -- I don't my cousins house. And we -- the computed as such -- usually. Went on and there. So you talk about the pressures that. New and other teens face what would you say -- -- your friends and anyone else watching your age facing that pressure. Not apartment so it you're beautiful and Unionists and -- -- got an accident that the lake union mission like you -- -- aren't only in Oakland. Basically. And just. -- -- Do you think anything.

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{"id":14947490,"title":"Angie Varona, Parents Discuss Hacked Photos","duration":"3:50","description":"Family talks to George Stephanopoulos about 14-year-old exposed on Internet.","url":"/GMA/video/angie-verona-parents-discuss-hacked-sexting-photos-14947490","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}