Animal Activist Puts Baby in Cage With Gorilla

Video of a baby with 300 pound gorilla shocks some viewers.
3:00 | 09/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Animal Activist Puts Baby in Cage With Gorilla
At first glance it seems like the stuff of parental nightmare. An 18-month-old girl stuck in with gorillas. But it was her father who put her there, hewhy. Reporter: Heading and playing with one of the world's largest primates. Watch as the gorilla picks up the girl. The gorilla belongs to damien who heads a foundation that has returned captive gorillas to the world. The video shot 22 years ago, being seen by the masses for the first time. Basically, we have been nurturing a friendship with these animals. Reporter: He's releasing the video now to bring awareness to endangered gorillas. He was afraid to release it before with the fear of backlash. 2004, crocodile hunter steve irwin, fed a crocodile while holding his 1-month-old baby. Thanks goodness for glass at this st. Louis zoo. Much worse when a 340-pound gorilla escaped from a dallas zoo in 2004 attacking a 3-year-old boy. The dallas zoo. There's a gorilla on the loose. The gorilla bit the boy and collapsed his lung. The boy lived. Now, clearly the father behind the video doesn't think it went too far. But a spokesperson said that all experts will tell you all the same thing, no matter how peaceful these animals are they're still wild. All right, coming up we're just moments away, ready for this?

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{"id":17247764,"title":"Animal Activist Puts Baby in Cage With Gorilla","duration":"3:00","description":"Video of a baby with 300 pound gorilla shocks some viewers.","url":"/GMA/video/animal-activist-puts-baby-cage-gorilla-17247764","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}