Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

'GMA' celebrates this year's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.
0:49 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Then does that look different today if so that's because tomorrow isn't tomorrow. I'm eyewitness. I was twelve annual bubble wrap appreciation days -- draft. Police and actually -- that -- people -- -- -- -- the entire set in bubble wrap and we suspect grabbed one of our colleagues. The stage manager fondly. -- -- -- Bubble wrap and the other -- remedy available when -- I had I had I'm came back. About -- -- -- I don't think it's a stress reliever yes I don't know how to calculate this but they say that. What is it that one minute a minute -- -- -- the rest Jeff stress relief that is definitely the equivalent of 33 minutes a game. -- like that so a couple of citizens power -- -- -- And yeah. -- really feel better.

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{"id":15466395,"title":"Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day","duration":"0:49","description":"'GMA' celebrates this year's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.","url":"/GMA/video/annual-bubble-wrap-appreciation-day-15466395","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}