Arizona Plane Crash: 6 Dead in Holiday Accident

Lisa Stark reports on the crash in the rugged mountains outside Phoenix.
2:24 | 11/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arizona Plane Crash: 6 Dead in Holiday Accident
Morning to both of you happy Thanksgiving we're gonna start with what is genuinely -- holiday disaster a deadly plane crash in Arizona it again. -- reports of a mushroom cloud in the rugged mountains at right outside of Phoenix and then we learned there were six people on board including three children. So let's go straight out ABC's Lisa stark who covers aviation for -- -- -- good morning to you. Good morning damaged. Well this morning rescuers will get their first look at that wreckage they have been working through the night in the dark in the hopes small -- it was. That they might find survivors. The Thanksgiving eve accident was actually captured by a web camera. The moment of impact here when the plane hit superstition mountain east of Phoenix. It was also captured on this series of still photos the burning wreckage. The massive fireball could be seen for miles as -- explosion without the evening sky. It's an almost looked like -- was coming up over the mountain there was this big huge orange ball. The twin engine plane was on a round trip flight from Stafford Arizona about a 150 miles away and had stopped in mesa apparently to pick up three children. Reportedly also on board three adults including a pilot and mechanic the ways that debris was strong in the fire was burning it didn't look like -- but it's. The impact with a 5000 foot mountain -- came just minutes after takeoff. Witnesses said they heard the plane trying to read its engines to climb higher. Moment before hitting the mountain. It's a very rugged area this is not a flat area this is -- jagged peaks. And -- almost like -- type of that rugged terrain and use a -- to stock down into some of -- premises. Deputies had to be airlifted to the scene to search for survivors in the burning wreckage. When the plane a Rockwell Turbo commander 690 built in 1976 took off the weather was clear but it was already dark. Being Thanksgiving. Is said to have our thoughts and prayers from from all of us in public safety for. These families and for all of those involved. That the body of one child has already been recovered later this morning the National Transportation Safety Board arrives on the scene. To Begin the formal investigation. Into how this tragedy happened stand as -- at a holiday disaster Lisa stark thank you for your reporting this morning.

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{"id":15022722,"title":"Arizona Plane Crash: 6 Dead in Holiday Accident","duration":"2:24","description":"Lisa Stark reports on the crash in the rugged mountains outside Phoenix.","url":"/GMA/video/arizona-plane-crash-dead-holiday-accident-15022722","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}