Arkansas Police Dispatcher Vanishes With Few Clues

Some wonder why police waited days before beginning search for mother of three.
2:41 | 12/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arkansas Police Dispatcher Vanishes With Few Clues
We're going to get the very latest on the desperate search for a missing mother in Arkansas. The police dispatcher was lasting more than a week ago and since and they're been very few clues and a lot of questions about the police response. ABC's Ron Claiborne is here with more on this very puzzling story. You know this case is really baffling Elizabeth the mr. moment is a mother of three and a police emergency operator she vanished just a few days before Christmas but just as baffling to some police waited until the -- at. After Christmas to start looking for. In the small town of Hot Springs village Arkansas questions what happened to -- not -- And more why were police so slow to launch the search for one of their own. Nine days ago on December 21. -- went to a -- Christmas party. And later returned home her live in boyfriend reportedly told police she was watching television alone when he went to bed around 11 PM. That was the last time she was seen. A phone call from -- Something. Just wanted to be -- -- Two days later on December 23 one of Donna -- reports her missing -- she fails to return home. Christmas Eve police were notified that -- car a 1997. Green Ford Escort like this one. Was discovered chart in a remote part of wash -- Tom national forest there was no sign of not ski. This year fact that. The victim's vehicle was found. A distance from her residence. Burned. -- the least suggest that somebody wants to cover up potential forensic evidence. They're playing for the families that they will be. Okay this movie is. -- -- never happens. Good person -- nice friend we miss her and we hope for the best but we just don't know. For the past six years not -- work of the Hot Springs police department as an emergency dispatcher -- scrambling. And we're going to do everything we can't address. The police are coming under fire from some for not beginning the search sooner. It was not until the day after Christmas that it began police said it takes time to get dog teams in place. One of the keys is that the very minute. You hear that someone is missing whether they be an adult or child. Is that you pull out all the stops. To find them. And once it did Begin the search for the missing mom has been intense with the dogs and police on horseback. But those critical first days were lost and Brad Garrett says that the reason for acting quickly it's obvious this owner that the search begins the more likely it is -- -- -- the missing person. Will be found alive. Now nice days wow all right -- this happy ending to this round -- of the -- --

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{"id":15258852,"title":"Arkansas Police Dispatcher Vanishes With Few Clues","duration":"2:41","description":"Some wonder why police waited days before beginning search for mother of three.","url":"/GMA/video/arkansas-police-dispatcher-vanishes-clues-15258852","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}