'The Artist' Stars Dish on Film's Oscar Nods

Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo chat with Cameron Mathison about film's success.
5:48 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for 'The Artist' Stars Dish on Film's Oscar Nods
More countdown of the Oscars now -- what may be the front runner for best picture. The artist is a silent film set in the golden age of Hollywood and in a mega star of the -- suddenly falls into despair as his -- -- He saved by love for rising star -- those -- talking pictures. The two French actress to bring these characters to life for both nominated for Oscars and I can -- and talk to them all of that take him. Hey George I I did I watch this movie it in amazement it was is so riveting and I think you're sitting down with visual development and Japanese big -- made me love it even more there was so fun and and and delightful and although they admit to being blown away by all the Oscar buzz. They're taking it very much in stride. It's the silent film making serious war. -- Taking hold a sag and three Golden Globe awards the artist heads -- the Oscars with ten nominations. Among the owners -- best. Turn on for the film's dynamic leading man show won't do jug band and supporting actress nomination. To Denny's Visio both very successful actors in France and -- becoming the talk of first of all a huge congratulations. For. All that's been going -- at a huge huge. You can what are yours are popular combination ticket grades unbelievable it's amazing there are few things you can say about John -- program I'm an obvious. I'm coming to. -- -- -- French man shot to stardom and not shy about sharing his frustration with the English -- But as he gets more comfortable doing English interviews -- one thing is for sure he and his costar have mastered silence. I think that the fact there's no dialogue and it's and that's why didn't even if it's beautiful it's about love it's back Hollywood and I think you know -- And everybody -- that kind of story. Was there any party at the beginning that was a little hesitant about taking the role. No matter you never -- because because because I admired and shelves so much I think he's very Smart. And we're talking about Michelle also this it's you that it very well -- on -- these cius is the film's acclaimed writer producer and director. He -- also been -- husband when he sent to yet it will King Kong and a start writing I was very excited. What was the hardest part about playing time. I guess really the tap dancing with that most challenging part time job this before -- -- -- -- Anatoly that's amazing yeah you made it look so easy. For the dance scenes the -- spent five months in training before shooting studying. -- that you you watched Jim Kelly women need to -- But Davidson and circumstantial but as that happens but yeah that -- continue to cancers just reshuffle stepchildren step. And with that. I got a lesson from a -- okay. Change. Okay so it is fun and remember I have danced before but it's not as easy as these mega talents make it look. And -- -- not all that's your skeletal at and I -- just smiled and -- Tinseltown maybe talking about big Joseph Andruw Jones then there is another character in this film. That has told -- -- have to ask you about. I'll give the dog -- is -- -- very very popular unfortunately did not get nominated. Ugly is the faithful Jack Russell Terrier who plays the uncompromising. Companions -- -- on this character George Valentine but don't forget -- -- American Doug. So he didn't understand what you're kept saying -- -- but -- -- and a news retiring he's done. -- is that right hone his old yeses or that should have -- -- he boats both but Doug I was. You're not -- mean it's really a dog Elsa -- and well -- he may be considering retirement big show and he -- there are in full swing transitioning into a new. Type of stardom here in Hollywood. We -- thinking that we gonna have to send dvds to every member of the cruise and can't watch that film. Because we didn't expect any relief that's amazing -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't expect a little in America now. Not only did the film get a release it's now being embraced by Hollywood and just maybe these two silent stars will be embraced Oscars so if you did win. Would your acceptance speech be in an English French or that they can just a sign Olympics silence -- And like a bullet that look like. Okay. You know about race and -- you all told me that they they didn't act any differently than they would have been a regular movie with sounded both said lines to each other sometimes in English sometimes in French. Winds of course that the audience wouldn't -- -- period. But it's amazing how much your body language and facial expression can communicate but I think -- -- you probably couldn't do an Oscar acceptance speech. In silence I I hope they do in pretty good shuffle step their camp. Well I don't like to -- George -- -- Go ahead say it might actually -- women they really look so good. I couldn't even keep my balance on one like -- he's like rocketed out there so -- really pretty good things left in Atlanta. And we're gonna -- -- who takes on the Academy Award on Oscar Sunday February 26 at 7 o'clock eastern. Right here on EBC.

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{"id":15521547,"title":"'The Artist' Stars Dish on Film's Oscar Nods","duration":"5:48","description":"Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo chat with Cameron Mathison about film's success.","url":"/GMA/video/artist-stars-jean-dujardin-berenice-bejo-dish-films-oscar-nominations-15521547","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}