Nancy Grace on Aruba Mystery

Nancy Grace, Roy Black discuss prosecutor's next steps in Robyn Gardner case.
5:20 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Nancy Grace on Aruba Mystery
-- now let's turn to former prosecutor Nancy Grace the host of Nancy Grace on HL and -- prominent defense attorney. Why blacks think you both very much for joining us this morning and they were let me start with you here first because. Giordano is expected to be released later today it won't be able to get a flight out until the morning and there's an appeals. Hearing that's also set for about 11 AM tomorrow also is there's some -- from -- camp. That he's going to be able to get out. Well I would imagine so he's got to try to get to the airport as soon as possible but I can't imagine why the court wouldn't -- -- earlier hearing. Knowing that this is in the offing but that sounds somewhat bizarre to me. But think other people -- not put -- that say that they had for months and that they haven't been able to find anything. Defended that Nancy. We heard from Matt alluding to it the extradition process and how difficult it would be. Once he's -- It will be extremely difficult and I agree with -- -- black. It's ridiculous. That they are not moving the hearing is almost as if you -- government is orchestrating his release. Is simply a matter of making the hearing from Wednesday to Tuesday. Unless of course the prosecution has no other evidence so what's the point of -- hearing. The way it works there is your taken into custody under suspicion. Every couple of weeks -- just after eight days sixteen days thirty days. And then another thirty days. They have a hearing and the judge determines is there enough evidence to keep holding the defendant the suspect Gary Giordano. Here the judges decided the case is not progressives -- they're cutting -- loose ten night. He -- free tip line Compton Maryland ten not and then the hearing. Is the next morning it makes no sense. A lot of people are scratching their heads over that one Nancy and and -- -- assuming that he comes back here. To the US but what happens if he -- somewhere else. Well as Nancy said extradition is not that easy and if he goes to another country it'll probably be easier than the United States because. The way it is now -- was gonna have to send a note to the secretary of state who sends it to the Department of Justice who gives it to the FBI. Then they go to federal court. And you have a series of hearings. While it can't be done it is certainly not an easy efficient system. No it's not. And Nancy just talk about this -- -- huge blow for the prosecution has release. Well you know what they should be used to it now. But just look what happened in the Natalee Holloway case it -- Lima Peru to get your -- slate and the facts in this case are big rages. These two met on adult friend finder a no strings attached dating service. She went down there according to her friends that have spoken to me face to face as friends only. He had some weird apparently. Allegedly. Obsession when Natalee Holloway had actually -- -- her to other women he wanted to go on vacations with that turned him down. She gets down there they -- -- lunch at a restaurant called the run rate and I interviewed employees there. They can in two hours before she's lost at sea she appeared woozy. Two hours later he's wandering around saying hey Ted -- your cell -- my companions god. This woman had thousands of dollars of extensions in her hair Robin she would not go underwater. And he says she was snorkeling. They win in a snorkel plates and did not wrists or going -- two hours later she's gone it doesn't add up. But now it fit in many ways it does not -- people are still saying it's been four months they have not been able to find any. Hard evidence against him and Roy also compounding this is the insurance policy that we've been reporting on -- -- -- To a one point five million dollars is he going to be able to collect. Well he may well be able to collect the question is -- very hesitant a legitimate incurable interest in her life. And he's made a claim on it and that's probably the biggest evidence against him I'm not really convinced by here extension said. Going to various clubs are web sites or what have you yet there's some evidence that somebody was actually killed. By Giordano I mean you need a little bit more than that the -- the insurance policy shows some type of a motive. And -- well you know what luckily android there isn't more than that there is photographic video evidence just two hours before she's miss saint. Of then having a physical confrontation. On an elevator they -- in the Renaissance Aruba where they were studying where he's grabbing her -- forcing her onto an elevator. Apparently they argued over something that was on her computer where she wrote her boyfriend he has stay out bone dry according to reports. After they've been in the water his two page dry just wandering along the beach -- he's looking for -- Her articles were never recovered nothing she left everything behind. Well Nancy it's a good thing -- no longer a prosecutor because hopefully that's not enough to get somebody charged with murder. I'm gonna take that as a compliment Roy Black. And you should. Well Roy black and Nancy Grace thank you very very much for both -- your perspective this morning we certainly do appreciate take care thank you.

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{"id":15046174,"title":"Nancy Grace on Aruba Mystery","duration":"5:20","description":"Nancy Grace, Roy Black discuss prosecutor's next steps in Robyn Gardner case.","url":"/GMA/video/aruba-mystery-investigation-robyn-gardners-disappearance-cold-15046174","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}