Avril Lavigne Dishes on Macy's Parade, New Album

Singer discusses Macy's parade participation, new album, "Good Bye Lullaby."
1:03 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Avril Lavigne Dishes on Macy's Parade, New Album
She's got a hot new single wish you were here. Offer latest album goodbye lullaby we're gonna get to that in just a minute but first let's say hello and I Nelson and tweets this is a very early morning for you. Yes pretty yearly especially in them the time of rock and -- in the stadium for a little bit -- like 6 in the morning and steps but at. Got to actually put and so -- -- ready here where. -- -- -- You're not taken any breaking just gonna -- -- -- in -- already back in the city of Tulsa which orca. I I just start emerging and -- -- with the runners nine in reading of it and I'm still kind of on tour. Like in February a go back to Japan and southeast Asian and have been all around the world this year and that this isn't -- single -- here and it's the ballot off since records. Some pretty excited that this -- Well -- I -- -- -- first one more question this Thanksgiving Day parade excited yeah I'm pretty I didn't going to be performing -- -- you trade in. I never really done anything like that -- -- that. And -- -- -- and that. Yes can -- good -- -- -- it's going to be a beautiful day but now let's hear wish you were here think.

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{"id":15006307,"title":"Avril Lavigne Dishes on Macy's Parade, New Album","duration":"1:03","description":"Singer discusses Macy's parade participation, new album, \"Good Bye Lullaby.\"","url":"/GMA/video/avril-lavigne-dishes-macys-parade-album-15006307","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}