Baby Ayla's Father Speaks Out

Missing toddler's father breaks his silence over harsh allegations against him.
2:26 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for Baby Ayla's Father Speaks Out
We do have some developments this morning in the case of the missing baby he left -- Maine her father finally speaking out about how she broke her arm which has been one of the big questions in this case. He says -- slip and -- on a rainy night caused that injury so why is he breaking his silence now. What does this mean for the investigation ABC's Tanya Rivero is on the story this morning country -- Of course we know Taylor Reynolds disappeared three weeks ago her father says he's talking about her injury now because he wants to put an end to the quote. Unbelievable. Accusations that have come his way. -- -- He told the morning sentinel he accidentally broke his daughter's arm it happened so fast I don't know how -- fell on her but I fell on her. Did teacher described a dark rainy November night entering the house carrying -- in one arm and clutching groceries in the other. When he slipped. The accident he says is burned into my brain. Law enforcement professionals watching the case say the more -- father talks the better it can only help his image. And the investigation. Got to try to look at the medical records along with. Medical experts to try to determine whether or not. The break is consistent with they fought 21 month old a blood disappeared on December 17 while in her father's care. Her mother was completing a substance abuse program at the time. The parents are separated and it appears back in December DiPietro may have told her a different story about a -- arm. He -- involved. You know her and my -- like to go down on the stairs that could be from -- and I just I didn't believe that I and. These types of cases that's very important that the viewers understand that as investigators what we are looking for are inconsistencies. In the story. All the way back from November when the baby first broke her arm all the -- on now where the father saying that the reason that may be broke her arm is because he felt -- As of now police tell ABC news they do not believe the broken arm is suspicious and they have no suspects. But they say they do have evidence -- disappearance is the result of foul play and the case is a criminal investigation. There is still that 30000 dollar reward being offered anyone who can give Waterville police information that leads them to a -- Her father says he's also hoping that by speaking more attention will continue to be focused on her case standing on --

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{"id":15315964,"title":"Baby Ayla's Father Speaks Out","duration":"2:26","description":"Missing toddler's father breaks his silence over harsh allegations against him. ","url":"/GMA/video/baby-aylas-father-speaks-15315964","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}