Baby Lisa: Exclusive Tour of Irwin House

Matt Gutman explains what cadaver dogs found inside Baby Lisa's parents bedroom.
2:28 | 10/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Lisa: Exclusive Tour of Irwin House
It's been three weeks since the disappearance and not a Trace of baby -- no person of interest no suspect that we know up. This despite the fact that you -- tracked down eyewitnesses who say they saw a man carrying a baby down these very streets for -- and all that's left here. -- -- It is very. It's. It was the first time in -- different Bradley appeared in public. Solving uncontrollable. Trembling and her husband Jeremy -- dollars are -- rare. -- -- -- At a vigil outside the Kansas City home where BP Lisa disappeared He didn't speak or couldn't and every -- -- the -- visible. From this billboard overlooking I 35 to Lister -- -- Lisa's disappearance is consuming this community. They -- an innocent little maybe being. Ponder -- objective in any way. -- wrong. But -- -- leases fate remains uncertain. Jimmy was given this exclusive tour of the house. My family attorney Cindy short and into the -- every bedroom where cadaver dogs got a positive hit. -- -- -- -- -- Eat dog alerted. On one side or the other -- the bed but as you notice you walk around all the carpeting is intact that it was not cut out. Personal finances right. In fact short tells you make police removed at least six items from seventeen hour search of the home. They took fingerprints also -- I think that's -- I -- We believe that what they did as they drained out of line that was left in the box. So -- -- -- the difference between -- -- -- consumed. And what remains. Deborah Bradley admitted she was drinking the night her daughter disappeared arousing police suspicion. Are shifting timeline and seemingly on come among them that she was afraid to look outside her house because of -- you might find. The police obviously at least at some point believe that perhaps mrs. Bradley had something to do. With -- Lisa's disappearance I think that's still out there. But they've -- says parents say they have been cooperating with police -- they consented to multiple searches of this helmets -- hostile questioning. They are now accusing police of not sharing information with them.

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{"id":14801121,"title":"Baby Lisa: Exclusive Tour of Irwin House","duration":"2:28","description":"Matt Gutman explains what cadaver dogs found inside Baby Lisa's parents bedroom.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-lisa-exclusive-tour-irwin-house-14801121","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}