National Zoo's Newborn Panda Cub

Suzanne Murray discusses the first birth of a panda there since 2005.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Transcript for National Zoo's Newborn Panda Cub
All right, now, to the national zoo, the staff there making room for one more, after the female panda there gave birth to a cub late last night. The chief veterinarian, dr. Suzanne murray joins us with more. Thank you for joining us. Congratulations, I understand we've seen the cub, so how are mother and baby doing this morning? Mother and cub are doing great. We've only had one quick glimpse of the cub. But he -- he or she is really loud. That's normal to actually not glimpse the cub. Mom has built a nest deep within her den? That's exactly right. She has a huge nest of bamboo so it's normal not to see the cub. We rely a lot on the sound, we like to hear a lot of squawking, we're hearing a lot. This is mei xiang. There were many pseudo pregnancy in between. How is mom doing again with the second live birth? Mom is doing great. She's definitely the poster child for the perfect panda mom. The minute that head squawk, her head perks up. She cradles it. She's just perfect. Dr. Murray, obviously, anticipation at the zoo must have been building for weeks and months. What's it like to finally have the cub with justice. We are so excited here. Panda are so good for conservation. They highlight all that we do at the zoo. Everybody is thrilled. We're thrilled nationally, globally. It's a nice image of the partnership that we have with our chinese colleagues. Again, we can view it all on the panda cam at the national zoo. Mazel tov. We want to welcome to the

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{"id":17252084,"title":"National Zoo's Newborn Panda Cub","duration":"3:00","description":"Suzanne Murray discusses the first birth of a panda there since 2005.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-panda-born-overnight-national-zoos-brand-cub-17252084","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}