'The Bachelor' Picks Courtney: Lindzi Cox Discusses

Lindzi Cox reveals why she didn't appear on ABC's "After the Rose" special.
2:36 | 03/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Picks Courtney: Lindzi Cox Discusses
Joining us right now to share her side of the story is 27 year old business development manager Lindsay Cox and Good Morning America -- you -- -- for having me here we all couldn't help but notice you're awfully chipper for someone -- Didn't win this -- so to speak you don't you don't look at that idea really mean it now he and that at Hayley yeah maybe it it was tough for a little bit but. -- immediate decision that what's best for him and I respect that and I wish that I think that the fast. Looking back now do you feel like you were really in love because I know you send you her. Yeah I think you know I can hack it -- what -- that is how I felt let you know. In fact it's a really beautiful isn't that and that's why -- thanks -- taught me including and especially watching on TV you're like oh well I can see why he went apparently they really did have a solid she listened she was -- lots and yeah. Maybe I think he -- -- wouldn't -- you know. And you chose not to participate in after the rose why. They air it out before it. That you know her Betancourt came out and I think that you know I was pretty emotional go they had -- -- my -- -- amendment advocate place you know like I don't really need my pleasure anything and has bigger things to worry about Clinton's relationship -- now and so we just decided that he now I plan -- that I gotta tell you when he when he told you wasn't you. He -- there was a cringe worthy moment Twitter was going insane when you said. -- it doesn't work out com. I was kidding that was -- outlook in life and that I was like I was at eagle -- you're saying is not only had no I didn't know what you think if it's like it's awkward. Silence he now an eyewitness I don't know -- make jokes a lot scientific doesn't work out count me so heating that they sort of made it sound like it was more -- Syria. Xperia X that I sounded a little desperate that -- but it wasn't the case I thought it was funny. What are when he said -- can't -- -- out and and I couldn't help and as -- on top of the mountain how do you walk someone out what they don't have any -- my -- my -- my hand like this is weird MI -- slight -- I have great evidence Bob can. I don't think I'm going to Democrat heights yeah so clearly you're fine you view as as was set on Twitter you -- -- -- -- Comedy but you're fine with -- whole duration I really think. You know -- -- obviously I wasn't happy right at the beginning of the hands of a really good place now on it. You know learned Latin experience it was off some I would totally speculative and I -- -- well that's interesting yeah I'm sure -- our thinking ideas about -- gotten a really quick because of a bank yesterday now will they make it. I know I wish him nothing but that's nothing I -- asked OK I.

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{"id":15909205,"title":"'The Bachelor' Picks Courtney: Lindzi Cox Discusses","duration":"2:36","description":"Lindzi Cox reveals why she didn't appear on ABC's \"After the Rose\" special.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-picks-courtney-robertson-lindzi-cox-interview-15909205","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}