'The Bachelorette' Couple Discusses Life Nine Years Later

Ryan and Trista Sutter chat about their two children and Trista's full-body makeover.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' Couple Discusses Life Nine Years Later
back now with the origi "bachelorette" trista who found her happily ever after, cheering her on. She and ryan have been married nine years. They have cute kids together. And recently, trista made the bold decision to go for a pre-40 plastic surgery makeover. We'll talk to her in just a moment. But first the story. Reporter: She is the original bachelorette. Back then he was trista rehn. She hit and fell in love with ryan sutter on the show. They made history as the first "bachelorette" wedding. After nine years of marriage and two kids, the soon to be 40-year-old starlet decided to give herself an early birthday present. A bikini body makeover to feel pretty again. Deciding on a breast lift and eye implant for an eyelid that she thought, quote, was a droopy eye. And the final result, this was her bikini body before. And here it is after. Making a not mom even hotter as hubby ryan sutter had no complaints before, we're sure he definitely doesn't have any now. And we are here to welcome ryan and trista sutter. Thanks for being here this morning. Trista, I'm going to ask the question that every lady asks. You looked amazing beforehand. What made you decide to make this decision? Well, you know, I nursed both of my kids for a year, and literally, they were just deflated. They were deflated. That's what happens, if you ask any mom. And I wanted a little more self-confidence. I wanted to feel sexy for my husband. Did you feel pressure at all? No, not at all. No, no, he would have loved me -- a little pressure. No, I didn't feel any pressure. I just wanted to do it for Ryan, what did you think of the transformation? You're happy with the results? I'm happy with the results? Obviously, I love her more, the same, the same as before. But I may be love one section of her. There's a little more to love now, right? Yeah. Trista, you mentioned you had some complications after surgery. Tell us what happened? I actually ended up with allergies. I ended up with a full-body rash that itched like crazy. I was then put on prednisone and felt superdepressed. Like postpartum depression. I was sad. Was it worth it? It was worth it. Would you give other women advice? No, that there can be complications going into it. Really research your surgeon and know what's going on beforehand. You look great, before and after. "Bachelorette" you were watching some of the season when you were on? Do you watch the show, do you like the show? I watch. And I know the finale is on tonight. That's kind of my life. Ryan? I like the show. But I don't watch it. You don't watch it. All right. Our good friend kelly ripa said going to fiji is not marriage. Going to costco is marriage. What is the secret to your success? Because you are the only successful marriage. Marriage, I guess. -- Marriage that came out of "the bachelorette." For me, it's commitment, knowing that divorce is not an option. You work through the hard times, and you celebrate the good times. And it's just enjoying the every day and loving being with my best friend, for me. Yeah, I think you have to embrace the entire experience. It's not always going to be easy. Certainly, I've done my share of things to mess things up. We work through those. At least the camera isn't rolling anymore during those times. Right. We really admire your love story. It's beautiful. You guys both look great. By the way, thanks for coming on the show. We appreciate it.

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{"id":17200384,"title":"'The Bachelorette' Couple Discusses Life Nine Years Later","duration":"3:00","description":"Ryan and Trista Sutter chat about their two children and Trista's full-body makeover.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelorette-couple-ryan-trista-sutter-discuss-life-years-17200384","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}